The little things

Listening to the sudden boom of rain , watching the drops fall like redemption from a day of mundane activities and normality. Smelling the wet aroma of the mixing of the rain and the dirt down below, going out and getting wet, sticking your tongue out and tasting it.



People forget the small things in life. The little things that are easy to ignore but hard to miss. The little stereo effect in your headphones, the taste of chocolate, speaking to friends about stupid things, mints, getting up in the morning and going to the balcony, looking at the overcast weather and cool breeze, and all that jazz pop.

What are the little things that make your life?


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1000 subscribers!

Well, my youtube account has reached that milestone! Thanks to everyone who has ever supported me 🙂

It means a lot. It also means that 1000 people in the world don’t hate me.

YAY! 😀


Megan Fox is talented

BONUS/Making of video: I made this video when I was bored, and wanted to test my tripod. I thought it would be a good idea to make a short video and I think this is one of my only videos where I stand and rant 🙂

Guys love Megan for her talent, right?

(Btw, this is a two-way satire on her popularity and the boys who made her popular. Also, I wasn’t playing myself, I was playing the role of an average teenager.)

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Funny One Liners

I have always wanted to try one liners/observational humor.
I shot this without any cuts, and I didn’t edit it, just like a real stand up comedy routine. I wanted to play music, but I don’t know how to play the guitar, so I added music.

Hope you like it,


The making of my HP video.

So recently HP (Hewlett-Packard) asked me to be part of a global event called “HP You on You” which is a contest that encourages people to show their creativity, without showing their face.

HP wanted approximately 20 people around the world to show what the contest was all about , and I feel honoured that HP picked me to represent India 🙂

Making 1 minute videos, and especially ones that don’t allow me to show anyone’s face,are out of my comfort zone but it was a good and fun challenge 😀

I took inspiration from a Bob dylan video, and Demetri martin. So I decided to make cards and simultaneously share my thoughts,jokes,etc. So then I spent a week on drawing, cutting, colouring the cards and was quite happy with the result. I used the one-liners that I had thought of a while ago as material for the video, as I thought those jokes would be a perfect fit for a video like this.

So yes, that’s my story. It feels great to be part of this, and I hope you will participate too.

Good luck