Dreams are very important

If you don’t have a dream you will go nowhere.

Dreams are necessary. Without dreams, there will be no ambition to chase. There will be no goal to reach. We will all be nothing without dreams. Not having dreams is like chasing a traceless murder. It is like following an invisible shadow. It is a dreadful goose chase. We must know what we want to do and follow that ambition. We can’t Continue reading

The best Pizza ever.

It was 9:30 PM. Dominos pizza.

I had ordered a chicken extravaganza pizza with lots of cheese in it. The anticipation was killing me. I was hungry, and my stomach reminded me. After 20 minutes of waiting, it finally arrived.

I didn’t think it was going to be anything extraordinary. It was just another pizza, ofcourse. The only thing different was that I was adding chicken to my normal veg extravaganza, along with cheese. And then I cut a slice. As I removed the pizza from it’s resting position, I saw the strands of cheese just battling to stay with the other slices. I cut the strands, and I put it in my mouth.

Never had I ever had such a feeling in my life while experiencing food. As I took each bite, the juicy tomatoes were spurting their watery bases on my tongue, while the extra warm mozarella cheese was just melting in my mouth, reminding me of all the happy memories in my life. The mushroom felt like they were begging me to chew their soft thick coats. And the chicken. Oh the chicken. Juicy bits of brown which indulged my tongue with a variety of sweet and spice. All this was happening while the cheese was surreptitiously resting on my mouth, reminding me of heaven.

As I ate the pizza more and more, I cherished it’s being. I had to take 10 seconds and just admire what the chef, as if sent by god, had just made.

It was magical. It was fantastical. It was the best pizza I have ever had in my life.


The art of comedy and How I make videos.

Hello internet,

I’ve been a big fan of comedy my entire life. What’s life without humor, anyway? Well, I like telling jokes, hearing jokes, laughing, smiling and all the good stuff in between.

I started listening to stand up comedians about 3 years ago. I gradually started with the popular ones, namely Dane Cook, Carlos Mencia, Russell Peters.
I gradually got more and more interested in the art of telling jokes, mainly the “set-up” and the “punchline”.
I also discovered different styles such as “storytellers” and “one-liners”,etc.

As I started listening to more and more comedians, I started to go deeper and deeper into the world of standup comedy, and I slowly lost my interest in Dane Cook and Carlos Mencia. I found them unfunny, as I didn’t enjoy their styles and I felt their material was lacking in a few parts.

Then skip to April 2008, the month I started making short videos on YouTube. I’ve always been interested in the art of filmmaking and thought I could try my hand at it.
When I first started out, I didn’t think about lighting, setup, environment, etc. What I mainly focused on, was humor.
I never wrote my jokes down, they came to me in random bursts. I started to find many details of everyday life amusing, and decided to share them in my videos.
I always have a set of jokes in my memory whenever I start filming a video, and I make up the rest of the stuff as I go.
In the meantime, my taste in comedy developed further, as now, I myself had experience in telling jokes and getting reception from a small audience.
I started listening to George Carlin, Chris Rock, Demetri Martin, Mitch Hedberg and other all time greats. Each had their own swagger, and all were genius.
I also found comedians on YouTube like Bo burnham and Jon Lajoie hilarious.

Now back to filmmaking, I started getting more interested in the art of making films, alongside humor. Now I cared about cinematography, direction, flow, etc. I had always cared about those things when I watched movies, but had never implemented them seriously in my videos, because after all, they were just something I did for fun.

But now, I myself feel I’ve evolved in the way my tastes have, and I see the evolution from my early days to my present youtube account. I’ve experimented with comedy rants, skits, narration/voiceover videos and I still have a lot more I want to try out with filmmaking.

In one year, everything has changed 🙂

Thanks for reading


All my videos can be viewed at: http://www.youtube.com/killcure

My new site!

I am delighted to announce that the site has been created!

Lots more to come, so keep up. Or I’ll squish you.