About Varun

Hi. To all those who know me from YouTube, you probably know this, but to all those who are new, here’s my introduction.

I’m Varun, a 15 year old Indian who likes to make videos.

I started making videos in 2008 when the whole “5 facts” tag game was going on, and since then, I’ve been a regular YouTuber.

I make funny videos, mostly rants or skits. I edit, direct, produce and act in my own videos.

I am a huge film buff and listen to music passionately. I also love video games and have been a gamer all my life.

Favorite movies: Forrest gump, Fight club, Memento, The matrix.

Favorite artists: The Beatles, The Who, Red hot chili peppers, linkin park, Eminem, Panic at the disco, etc.

Favorite video games: Smackdown!, Super mario bros. (NES), Shadow of the colossus, Contra (NES)

Well, I hope to create a fun community on this website where everyone participates.

Thanks for visiting,


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