Pokemon Conspiracy Theory

Let me start off by saying this was not written by me. But I think this is one of the most well written articles on the internet and I just HAD to share it.


If you’re prepared to soil a part of your childhood, proceed.

Did one ever know the reason why the pacing and story development change after Ash was hit by lightning in the beginning episodes? How Ash and his world were relatively normal until after the incident? I have a theory. The accident with the bike put Ash in a coma. Days later he was found and was hurried to the hospital and treated with heavy medications. This is why Team Rocket became less menacing. The medication took effect and stabilized his coma dreams, instead of being terrifying, they became idyllic, and he’s able to live out his Pokémon master fantasies.

If one had noticed, the early episodes of Pokémon were of amazing quality. The rest of the series is just the results of his subconscious mind fulfilling his desires, as well as attempting to escape them. Should Ash realize he’s in a coma, he would wake up, but suffer brain damage. So he has to take down all his mental barriers one by one until he can come to grips with what he is and escape his coma.

This explains why he doesn’t change much physically. Also, the worldwide socialism can be explained if you once again realize that this is a dream world; he thought up a safe system of government that would run smoothly and keeps the world going allowing his adventures to work like they do. It also explains a few other things, such as how a child can go off on his own in a world full of dangerous untamed animals, and why every Pokémon center has the same exact nurse. Joy and Jenny he knew from his hometown, and they act as a safety net or anchor, allowing him to feel safe no matter where he goes. The professors, like the Joy’s and Jenny’s represent stability, and ash’s ideals. This is why Gary became a professor. It’s also the reason that every time he enters a new region, virtually no one has heard of him, despite his conquests, and why Giovanni leads Team Rocket. How could Paul, the rival of the Sinnoh area, not know of someone who has placed in at least the top 16 of all three leagues and has destroyed the Orange league and Battle Frontier?

Ash’s travelling partners are actually aspects of himself he can enjoy, but doesn’t like to associate with himself. Team Rocket are his qualities that he deems “negative”, but is coming to terms with. Jesse and James want to appease Giovanni, Ash’s Father. Meowth especially wants to appease him because he remembers the good times with Giovanni. This Places meowth in a category known as ash’s (corrupted) innocence, and another fragment of ash’s humanity. If you note that meowth can speak this quickly becomes apparrent. In fact the whole reason for meowth’s speech is so he can help Ash accept Team rocket as part of himself eventually.

Brock is Ash’s repressed sexuality. He fell into the coma a virgin and needed an outlet for his growing sexual frustrations. Since he can never experience sex, Brock must never succeed. Brock is a projection of his sexuality, and is constantly shot down because Ash could never “know” sex. Brock isn’t just Ash’s latent sexuality, he’s also his fatherly instincts, neither of which Ash can come to terms with. Brock leaves his siblings to “journey” with Ash. because Ash can’t cope with having that much responsibility, much as his foray with a real relationship ends on mysterious terms. Ash just cannot handle commitment at his mental level. Brock’s Stay with professor Ivy was an.attempt to outright suppress his sexuality. You’ll notice that James got much more dialogue in this part of the series, as well as getting more touchy feel-y with his pokemon and getting most of his backstory. Ash didn’t enjoy this much, hence the reasons Brock comes back all horrified, and refuses to speak about it. (ash’s subconscious was repressing him at the time, so other than a general feeling of dread he has no idea of what went on then.) This is also why brock keeps coming back to the series….Usually AFTER Ash meets a new girl aspect of himself.Misty is an image that Ash had of a girl. This is why she plays so prevalently in the series but is ultimately unattainable because he never really knew her before the coma. Likely the one that helped get him to a hospital. I have a theory in line with this: Since Misty was his initial love interest (if only subconsciously), he needed her to reach a level of womanhood. He felt that people could only have relationships when they’ve matured. But in practice, it turned out he couldn’t cope with it and just wanted the normal, pushy, arrogant Misty he knew, and wouldn’t let her keep Togepi anymore.

Misty is Ash’s first attempt at a girl he could love, however, being a girl from the real world, all he really he knew of her was her anger, as a result she ended up quite hot headed in his mind. Constantly berating his sexuality, but eventually mellowing out until she had faded into the background. This was also traumatizing to him, being attached to it. Since then, the thought of anyone around him maturing to adulthood has been blocked, and anyone who shows signs of it will quickly end up leaving for another, more naive fill-in.

Max came with May, she played the Id with great aspirations, and he played the sensible Ego that “Session”. They worked for a little while but Ash, being a teenager, eventually had his sexuality had to come back into play. He kept reinventing himself and eventually wrote new aspects, but his mind slowly brought back the old ones as a crutch to make the transition easier.

Dawn is Ash giving himself a chance to love. since he already established Misty as someone he’s not likely to go anywhere with, he created a new super female, one that was more like him, and less violent all the time. (One will note that both May and Misty had no tolerance for Brock whatsoever whereas dawn seems to try and shrug it off.) .

Tracey, The Breeder was a possible future for Ash that he discarded. It was one that he sent off to work with the Professor (the professors being Ash’s ultimate ideal of a father figure) when he disrupted the dynamic Ash had with his other possibilities. Ash’s mind is fighting the coma and since Ash viewed this one as a companion he was quickly replaced with a more threatening Rival.

Pikachu obviously represents Ash’s Humanity, hence the episodes where they get separated, and ash wants desperately to find him, even to the point of working with the rockets ( aspects of himself he woould never normally associate with) but for some reason cannot. They want to steal Pikachu (Ash’s humanity) and hand it over to his father, Giovanni. Jesse and James will always oppose ash because ash is terrified of the thought of his humanity lying in the hands of his father. However this is the same reason that he will work with those aspects of himself in order to save his humanity from just becoming flat out LOST. He couldn’t evolve his Pikachu without challenging his concept of who he was, something he wasn’t comfortable with while he was still working through his original issues.

Another thing is the narrator. The narrator is Ash’s higher mind, recapping and explaining the progress he’s made and the tribulations he will face allowing itself insight into how best to awaken him.

Ash has issues With his Father; so he put him atop the evil corporation, and demonized him. There may be an actual team rocket, and I’m positive they’re quite dastardly, but I doubt that ash’s father is their leader, in fact the head of the rockets wasn’t really identified as anyone until later on in the series. The split between ash’s parents was likely over ash’s homosexuality and some sort of incident as a catalyst, forcing his father to disown him and his mother to move out of the city and down to pallet town. This is why Giovanni runs the faceless Vile corporation, and Why he Berates Jesse, James, and Meowth as much as he does, and why they keep trying to please him. Another thing to notice is the difference in uniform, The rockets Wear Black and Red, where Team Rocket wears White….a symbol of their purity and naievete. They’re willing to please father despite his utter hatred of those parts of Ash .

Team rocket are aspects of Ash’s personality that he has deemed “bad” James implied homosexuality, and Jesse’s vanity. You’ll remember that Meowth has the potential for rehabilitation, and doesn’t want to be evil, so yet again this fits in with the conflicting personalities and demonized self theory. Team rocket started cross-dressing because ash had to come to terms with that part of himself. It was something he was able to allow his gay/vain side to experiment with (and by virtue of that himself) When he found that it wasn’t something for him, his “Free” side stopped playing with it. Further, their methods of capture become more and more ludicrous (and physically impossible) because Ash is just a kid dreaming these things up. This is the reason Team Rocket’s disguises are always believed. He knows it’s them (on some level), but chooses to ignore it, so he can better himself, in a sense the Ash who wants to escape is sabotaging the ash who wants to stay lost in his mind. So that there can be more conflict, and hopefully an eventual escape. The filler episodes that don’t focus on Ash and the gang are his mind working through, and humanizing the parts of himself that he demonized. It’s a way for him to deal with issues that Ash and crew wouldn’t touch, because it involves treading ground he himself had sworn not to go near. As I said, Team Rocket and the episodes they occupy are Ash dealing with ground he feels uncomfortable with tackling on his own. Jessie is Ash’s vanity and gullibility, she will trick Ash’s submissive homosexuality into doing her bidding so she can please father. James’ troubled childhood is his way of justifying his latent homosexuality. Now James is Ash’s latent homosexuality, hence why he is constantly punished by Pokémon and attacked by random attractive girls. I believe the split between Ash’s parents was caused by this part of Ash, maybe an incident at school, bringing shame on the family and forcing them to move to the small, country town of Pallet. Ash’s motivations for his journey were to escape mounting pressure at home.

So in a way, Ash IS Team Rocket. The rest of the whole organization Including Butch and Cassidy is symbolic of his inability to escape his father’s machinations.

Mr. Mime is actually a stand in for Ash’s father, one that can’t emotionally abuse him or his mom. He is a Pokémon, a peace loving creature that’s oddly humanoid, but that can never hurt a human. Ash’s was never really hurt by a Pokémon, so he sees them all as harmless; whereas, in the real world they may be quite feral or vicious (as seen in the early episodes). Again falling back to the theory that the only real Pokémon are the ones from the first season, and everything else is just further speculation coming from his mind on what new species would look like.

The new teams ( magma, aqua, and galactic) are Ash attempting to work out the problems he has with his father. to do that he first needs a new “bad guy” to feel good about beating, and if Giovanni isn’t leading a criminal organization he can more easily relate to him.

If one recalls, there were real animals early in the show and references to animals in the game and show. For example, a clear case to point out is the aquarium of fish in the Cerulean City Gym or that by the Pokédex that Pikachu is a “rat-like” Pokémon. But they don’t matter to Ash’s psyche so they don’t come into play much. If Ash had loved puppies, everything would be about different breeds of dogs, and a dog fighting circuit. But, as the series goes on longer, we’ve been seeing less realistic animals and more Pokémon. This could be a sign of Ash’s mind deteriorating. As he’s in this coma, he’s losing concepts of some animals and machinery and replacing them with Pokémon. It could explain things like electric Pokémon working as power generators. A sign that his memory of the old world is slipping more and more as time goes by. The Pokémon realm will be idealized continuously the longer he has no stimulus from the real world. He may or may not be mentally deteriorating , but he is becoming more accustomed to his fake world’s rules. The wild Pokémon are his rationalizations of the functioning of the world. It’s the “A wizard did it” Syndrome. If he doesn’t know how it works, his mind says Pokémon. He justifies anything he can’t explain with Pokémon, and real animals fall into the background because he has no real interest in them.

The Pokémon in Ash’s team are his issues, for example Charmander represents his sex drive (not his sexuality like Brock) at first it’s a cute easy to control thing, but eventually becomes a raging inferno of disobedience. Acquiring his team means getting at his issues, but as he trains them, he works said issues out. Other trainers are more direct forms of his issues, ones that he must either come to terms with or outright supress. Gym leaders are more primary aspects of his personality with each Pokémon being stronger than the last, to display a level of skill he could be capable of if only he gave into it. In effect, he is doing battle with a part of him that he would rather not have in control. Bulbasaur was Ash’s unwillingness to change, this is reflectedwhen it declines to evolve and how it almost decided to stay behind unless he battled it. Squirtle was his willingness to follow the lead of others, as evidenced by the gang it ran with, even though he ran the gang, they were viewed as one group, and ash’s subconscious just gave him the strongest one. Butterfree was his crushing loneliness, which he dealt with when he released it to join a flock. His bird types are his recklessness, always willing to sacrifice something at a moment’s notice for the win. When Ash is trading Pokémon, it’s an attempt to push his own problems away on someone else; however, he realizes this and usually trades back fairly quickly. Originally ash had the battles, which evolved into team battles and contests. The explanation for this is that his issues became more and more complicated, and the means of dealing with them needed to become more complex. the fact that he uses issues that he has already dominated to win these are signs that he’s growing stronger.

Not only are Ash’s Pokémon are a manifestation of different parts of himself, so are Pokémon of other trainers as well. Koffing and Ekans were symbolic of Team Rocket’s willingness to change; hence, their evolutions. Once his mind beat that roadblock down and allowed them to change once, it gives him the chance to truly change. Pupitar is a rationalization, a Pokémon that a rival caught before he met him. Even Ash would become suspicious if everyone he met had no carry-over from pervious places he had been to.

Ash releases his Pokémon because his mind is forcing him to let go of them. The second he raises an overpowered team, a tournament comes up, and after fighting his way through it he has to go to a new land for new challenges, but with an overpowered team, there won’t be any challenges, and no way to motivate him further, part of Ash wants to stay in the coma, and keep journeying.

Ash’s travelling also never really nets him any fame, no matter what he does, or where he goes, and the answer for that is simple. Ash just can’t picture himself as famous, so he essentially adopts a new identity every few months.

The reason he never truly becomes a master is because that would mean he’d have nothing left to dream, and would wake up from his coma. Ash’s dual personality is one that wants to maintain his fantasy world and slowly sort his thoughts out carefully. The other part wants freedom, and to return to his real life, to finally become a real Pokémon master. However if he’s allowed to keep his powerful team there’s no reason to meet and tame new Pokémon(Issues), he’ll lose interest, and the chance of becoming self-aware comes around again. So it’s not that he gives them up, it’s that he loses them, and unless he’s desperate (such as with Charizard) he can’t get them back. It’s basically his mind forcing him to deal with his issues. It would also be a good reason why Paul has shown up at this point, and Ash has been forced to work with him on at least one occasion: It’s his mind’s last ditch efforts to snap him out of this, to force Ash to actually come to terms that this perfect world is not the best option and he needs to wake up. Paul is Ash’s dark side, one that wants to push on even harder and harder, and the part of him that will stop at nothing to escape this coma world.

Ash’s rivals and the Elite four are ultimately the strongest part of this cycle. Having Pokémon that are essentially godlike, they represent both what can be attained and what is unattainable. Gary Oak is what Ash wants to be. He is wish fulfillment. He succeeded, and settled down to a normal life. Ash needs someone to succeed in his world or he won’t be able to validate it and will start questioning why he’s where he is. It’s a subconscious trap to keep him from becoming too aware of his situation. His mind must have figured out that awareness of the coma would snap him out of it, but it would cause major brain damage, so it took something the boy already loved and built a way out for him with it. However Ash is too complacent to finally fight his way out of it, and cannot escape. This is why he keeps encountering Legendary Pokémon, they’re his mind’s way of showing him he can do great things if he tries, and it’s a way to encourage him to push forwards. The Legendary Pokémon are Ash’s mind telling him that he has greatness in him and thus, can escape his happy–go–lucky reality.

Ash’s Rivals are all possible futures he envisions for himself (note that they are all older than him). This originated with Gary Oak, someone Ash knew from real life, and built up into a sort of god within his mind. Gary however progressed and changed to suit Ash’s vision of himself and ultimate desire, eventually settling down into a professor after beating the Elite Four. With Gary in retirement his mind needed a new rival for him Thus the births of Richie (the Good aspect of his rivalry) and Paul (as the darker aspect, a cut-throat Ash, willing to do anything to escape the coma world).

Richie and his Pikachu were another success story for Ash, but he wanted one he could be closer with. One nearly identical to him. One that even used a similar roster to him. Paul and his Chimchar are the polar opposite of Richie, Paul wants nothing to do with any kind of weakness, and is almost aware of his situation. He’s always pushing for something more.

The reason he discarded his original hat and the elements of japanese culture so prevalent in the first season is simple. He wanted to travel and broaden his horizons, every time he reinvented himself to do so; he lost touch with his original self. If he ever does escape the coma he’ll likely have achieved a sort of Zen state. Considering the amount of personal issues he deals with inside his head, it’s entirely likely that he was the next Buddha of the Pokémon world, and that the lightning strike and subsequent coma are a way for him to realize his true self, and destiny.

Mewtwo was a new form of treatment, done with electric impulses and a machine to knock Ash out of it, taking down every last one of his mental guards (the original Pokémon in the movie). In Ash’s mind, Mewtwo and his clones were the treatment for the mental safe guards that were protecting Ash and keeping him comatose; the Pokémon of his world. The clones were counters to Ash’s mental safeties, and so each appeared to Ash as the exact copy of his defense, intended to take it down by Force. The clones didn’t play by the rules of Ash’s world, they didn’t use any special Pokémon attacks or moves – they just beat down their counterpart by brute strength. The treatment was working, but there were side effects. The electric jolts were beginning to affect Ash’s nervous system, and if the treatment continued, he would be paralyzed. His mind realized this and manifested it to Ash by petrifying him in his dream. Were it not for the end of the treatment by Ash’s mother (knowing her son would never want to live in a world he couldn’t explore) Ash would have remained as stone in his dream. After this, Ash needed to recover from the damage of the electric therapy. Obviously it was greatly dangerous to him, and in order to reduce the danger Ash’s consciousness felt from it, Ash’s subconscious began downplaying the effects of electricity in Ash’s world, which is why Pikachu’s electric attacks -once noted for their strength by Team Rocket – no longer have any effect on Ash, other than comic relief.

Even the world Ash lives in evidences this. The sprawling forests and eco friendly cities are all his childish innocence. He never travels on a bike despite the distance due to the accident having given him a phobia of them.

As one could see, it is very likely that Ash is trapped in his world. But like every dream, everything, there is a beginning and an end. What would happen if Ash could fully recover? What would happen if he never does? There are infinite branches of possibilities that spiral upwards and intertwine towards the top at a single point, both in his “world” and the real world. In his hospital room, we see Delia, obviously distraught talking to a doctor with a grim look in his eye. He’s saying that their insurance is up, and the boy has had no change in brain activity for seven years. That a shock like this may awaken him. She tearfully agrees.

Professor Oak is there to comfort her as they take Ash off life support.

In Ash’s “world”.

Ash has finally defeated the elite four, and one by one the people around him start disappearing. eventually everything is black. Pikachu comes dashing towards him glowing brighter and brighter in the darkness. Eventually Pikachu reaches ash and the two embrace one last time.

Back in his room, as his life signs fade, Ash mutters his genuine, final words.



The image of his gaunt, tube-fed, ten-some-year bed ridden body on the bed. His head appears bulbous from atrophy. As he utters his last words, he barely opens his eyes, seeing a silhouette of the figure at the center of his turbulent emotions, his mother, her face obstructed by her hands wiping away tears. He makes contact with her eyes and lets out one last tear before losing all strength. She breaks down in hysterics.

The worst part of all this is that Ash will die, never having experienced actual love, imagine if you will, having lived in a world like his, completely shut off from all things but yourself, and your perception of yourself, with nothing but better yourself. No other people to interact with and issues to solve with no guiding hand.

The boy will die, never having known his dream, except as naught but a dream. The second he gets out into reality for that last moment, part of him knows it was all a lie, his faithful Pikachu? His friends? All his imagination, and maybe, he could have fought and clung to life, maybe even made a full recovery. But knowing that his efforts and ambitions had all been for naught, he just gave up and let the motion carry him away, just so he could be with Pikachu, in a place where his friends were waiting.

I would like to think that he’ll realize that his mother loved him and was holding out hope that he’d recover all that time. On the flip side, though, when he sees her he knows that the hope she had is totally broken and she’d come to the crushing realization that the worst thing that can befall a parent has happened to her: outliving her only child. At once he knows he is loved and that it means that the one closest to him is utterly crushed.

Still, there are other possibilities. The fountain of time flows in mysterious ways. One could not go back, against the current such as Gatsby; but, one could never see what is waiting for him downstream. Ash finally defeats Lance, only to be confronted by not Gary Oak, but a mute, mirror image of himself.

The voice of the narrator speaks to him, telling him that now he can finally escape the prison of his own mind. One by one, his friends appear and melt away into more copies of him, all cheering him on. After a long tough battle against himself with the assistance of all of his Pokémon he had ever befriended, he jolts awake.

In his hospital room he sees his parents asleep; he finds himself unable to speak.

Ash pushes forward towards his recovery. Going through physical therapy, training harder and harder with rehabilitative Pokémon, until he can walk on his own again. This time, an older and wiser ash sets out on a journey. Just like last time, he’s late getting to Professor Oak’s laboratory. And when there’s only one Pokémon left….He suddenly recalls all his memories of his “life” and realizes that all his friends are gone forever.

As he sets out with his new companion, he finds the world is darker than he imagined. More “real”, Pokémon and people die; he too has aged.

He vows to become the Master he dreamed he was. He vows to himself.

He vows to “them”.

I WILL be the very best!


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  1. I was utterly mesmerised. All these little niggling details I’d been stewing over for years… woven together very nicely and convincingly 🙂
    Excellent, and made of win 😀

  2. That was stupid. Its a cartoon for children made by japs. He always looks the same because its a cartoon, he doesnt have to change, look at family guy, its been on for ten years and stewie looks the same. And Brock is a pervert because it’s funny. Also there ppl dont kow ash because the creaters always make a new beginning for him everytime he goes to a new region, like the games. Also it’s POKEMON A CHILD SHOW they are’t going to be dangerous.

  3. omg that was amazing! altho this is definately not real and it IS just a show… this was sooo interesting and would make totaly sense!! haha my childhood is a little ruined by this thought but it is insanely good. lol

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    For this U haz my thanks.

    On a more serious note; damn. It’s kinda dumb at first but as you go into it it makes more sense, and then it’s just a complete mindfuck because you can’t really disprove it, and it makes so much sense -.-

  6. well,this was an interesting read,no doubt there,kind’ve depressing,really depressing towards the end actually,but i think its just a scenario,its NOT real, its a child’s tv show,so no you really cant disprove this “story” or this guys opinion,but on the flip side you cant PROVE it,only the story writers and creator could really dictate that,i mean that would make one hell of a movie,but i think they could and should only move in that direction IF and WHEN, the pokemon hype, and cashcow is gone,but i think when that day does finally come, i think the organization of nintendo as a whole,and the pokemon franchise owes each and every single fan closure,and an answer,and to put an end to speculation,i myself am a lifelong fan of pokemon,games and the show itself,am curious to see how far this series will go,bc i think we can all safely say its by far surpassed its life expectancy,but yeah im interested in the finale…but to all those who’ve read this,dont let it spoil & tarnish YOUR own memories,ideas’,speculations or anything about it.if anything,post something similar,your own views of it all,my two friends and i were speculating just today about it lol.but yeah,great imagination to whoever took the time to write this,submit it to the pokemon writers and see where it goes?
    yours truely,Mike Bailey

  7. but yeah to add to that, this would be a logical closure point, a way out so to speak,but i think it’d be viewed as too deep or mature for some of the younger audiences,but to the guy who wrote this,wherred you get your info?

  8. Well like a horiscope, it is easy to look at something that is finished and derive some abaurd notions like the ones written above. maybe the reason ash keeps meeting legendary pokemon is that nobody would watch If he fought bellsprout every episode. In order to have a sucessful series there needs to be diverse characters and that’s why Brock is a perv and Richie is nice and Gary is pompous, it has nothing to do with rwpressed sexuality or anything. While it is fun to hypothesize about the possibilities of the series it is a little much to go this far. Why not go and write a fan fiction and stop trying to pass this off as a study or something. I commend the creativity of this paper but as a pokemon fan I refuse to belief what I have read.

  9. your fucked in the head… Pokemon is a childrens tv show. there isn’t a secret meaning behind everything happening. its just entertainment for young kids. you have spent way to much time and effort making this shit up…. get out of your lounge room and stop watching pokemon. fag. xx

  10. I agree with the person who called this a mindfuck. Obviously, the person who wrote it did not write it in seriousness but just as a random theory he did not even believe himself. Nonetheless, it is so detailed to the point it can’t be disproven at all. It also completely changes the way one will look at Pokemon…forever.
    Whoever wrote this is an utter genius.

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  13. “If you’re prepared to soil a part of your childhood, proceed.” Indeed you were correct, but that was the only thing you were straight on about. Let me clarify one thing for you “conspiracy” people. This. Is. A. Kid’s. Television. Show. No coma. No ‘copies of himself’. No conspiracy. Ash’s apearence never changes because it is, let me say it again A KIDS TELEVISION SHOW. Nothing is dangerous or very frightening because it is A KIDS TELEVISION SHOW. It is based after a ten year old’s journey to become a famous Pokemon Master, no smart t.v writer is going to constantly put the TEN YEAR OLD in life threatening situations. No one dies because KIDS ARE WATCHING.

    This article is the product of overactive imaginations and the urge to spoil some kids’ joy. I hope children who enjoy the show see through your facade.

    Utterly Ridiculous.

  14. This is an amazing theory. IT blew my mind away. I wish i could write papers as good as this.

    Thank you so much for this. Looooool
    Now if I ever feel bad about my life, I can just compare it to the sad and worthless existance of the person who wrote this. I know you didn’t write it, but if you did, you really need to come to terms with what a children’s televised Tv show entails. It doesn’t have morbid homosexuality issues, it doesn’t have comas and no, it doesn’t have a gruesome ending. It’s plain and simple. The points made were admittedly good and the ideas are okay, but seriously? You can’t call this a theory. No. Fucking. Way.

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  18. this is the single greatest fucking thing i have ever heard. Pokemon has been an obsession of mine for almost 11-12 years, and i have had conspiracies about it for the last 2, but this…this comes nowhere even close to what i was thinking. it’s so well thought out, and makes so much sense….whoever actually wrote just wins at life and then some.

  19. I thought pokemon was a brain washing system.
    Mind blowingly awesome but it’s way too fuckn fake. lol

  20. There has clearly been effort put into this, however, there is a slight hole I would like to poke in the theory, the bike phobia. One of the very first episodes I saw as a kid was one where Ash, Misty and Brock all go on bikes to cross a bridge so they can bring medicine to a Pokémon. Team Rocket are on Unicycles and it goes on about how they used to be in a bicycle gang. There is a big storm and it all ends happily ever after until the next episode.

    I know that it’s a teeny wee fault, but I’m fussy on details. Another thing which I’m not sure about is why a ten year old boy would have a ‘Charizard’, per se. I mean, I’m no expert, but guys only start puberty at about twelve, and although Ash’s body would be aging while in the coma, his Charmander evolves a little too quickly for that to make enough sense that I would actually believe and accept that.

    Also, although I find this hilarious, I’m afraid that I agree with the people who say that it’s wrong. (Although I’d like to think I put it a little less rudely and with a lot more eloquence.) I mean, maybe they just ran out of animals to base Pokémon on which would explain their new abstract appearances, and I don’t think anyone has time to fit each Pokémon with an issue which Ash faces. Anime is often stuffed with over the top funny things with no long term effects, like in Skip Beat, people cry rivers which are gone in a second, Kyoko –the main character- can turn to stone and crumble or sprout flowers from her head and then be normal again in no time. Something which I would like to put forward is that, even if a coma had been an original part of the plot, I think it would have been dropped by now as things like that are way to Cliché and it would just completely destroy a whole heck of possible merchandise being sold if Pokémon ever does finish.

    Things like that actually happening just generally piss people off, and, as Pokémon depends on people liking it, the writers don’t want to piss people off.

    That’s all, hope you didn’t mind my weird intrusion, but I love Pokémon and just bought a Pikachu hat and still want to be able to wear it without crying at my favourite childhood memories being blown to bits.

    (By the way, why is everyone swearing so much? Seriously, it’s not nice. Kids might come across this page!! As so many people have been saying, Pokémon is aimed at children!!!)

  21. This actually made sense! If you think about it, it actually could be true, if it weren’t for the “childrens show” part.. but it could be a good drama :] People, I know this is a childrens show and this would never happen, but it’s just probably something this guy though of because he/she was just curious or something. It’s not like you have to write all bullshit about it because you don’t “believe it” or think that it’s “not real because it’s a childrens show blah blah blah”. Seriously? It’s just a silly theory! Lighten up, people, and try to take a joke sometimes.

  22. Speechless. Parts of it were sort of disturbing to read, and I don’t know if reading this left a positive or negative affect on me but it completely blew my mind. I don’t think the writer’s intentions were to add to the plot or completely destroy the image that fans of the show held dearly; But for a series that has gone on for this long, it takes those little details that some fans might be curious about (i.e. how ash almost physically never changes.) and tries to explain it by expanding it into a story about a boy who lives in a coma’ induced dream world,(no matter how cliche’ it might sound to some readers) it gives way to relate it into child psychology were some of these topics do in fact sometimes occur in the real world.

    I thank the writer for typing up this amazing essay, because i’ve had little quirks about the show somewhere in the back of my mind and I know that this is not an “Oficial” explanation from the writers of Pokemon, or nintendo; so there is no way of proving or disproving this about the show, but that’s not the point. Some readers might not like the darker atmosphere that this essay presents but It gives people like me, fans of the series something to think about; I’m glad something like this showed up because i’d rather be a little spooked out by reading this than being left wondering a bit.

    I’m in college now, but I’ve grown up watching Pokemon, and still look back on it from time to time so it’s pretty cool that I could read something that relates to both my childhood and my Psych class. It definitely took me on a ride and I enjoyed every minute of it.

    P.S.: To people who think that kids might become “emo” after reading this, I don’t think kids would really be affected by this, If I was a young fan of Pokemon, I wouldn’t read this: “It’s too long, and I don’t care about this bullsh*t psychology stuff”.

    Trust me, they would have more interesting things to do; And I think most people would agree there are much more damaging(but maybe not as awsome) things on the internet and even so in some Television shows aimed at children today. (cough* /*teletubbies*/)

    Anyway, I’ve probably talked enough on this post, so some last words, to the people who really have a problem with this, don’t take it to seriously in itself; you don’t like it, then fine don’t let it bother you, move on and make yourself feel better with something you do like.

    – So Yeah.

  23. I agree with a select few of the people commenting on this. This is what I have to say about this. 1. The Pokemon franchise is too risky to lose now, because I’m sure that the creator and Nintendo have made millions (possibly billions) off this francise! I bet many many MANY seasons are to come, though after the main people get bored, not as talented people will run it. 2. The fact that the creators planned this all out is ubsurd. Most of the money gained from Pokemon is from video games and merchandise! Face it, hardly anyone kept watching Pokemon after Pokemon 4Ever! 3. Really? Ash’s death? No. NNNNNNonoononnononnonoo ohhh no. I believe that later in the series, Ash may become a man and a new young trainer (perhaps Ash’s son…) will fill the void. It’s quite plausable and would be a good contradiction. 4. Pokemon ARE real! 5. In Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver, you BATTLE Ash! I suppose the characters in the games all had coma’s as well… Plus he’s known as ‘Red’ in previous games. 6. I cannot believe that a fall off a bike into mud could give a ten-year-old a coma. 7. He meets Misty BEFORE he falls off the bike! 8. Jenny and Joy are all twins, not clones… It does TOO make sence! 9. i could see a series finale with an episode like this: (Child wakes up, excited to get to the Pallet town Pokemon Lab. Runs down stairs, saying a bye to his mmother. Scurries out the door. Runs to Pokemon Center.) “Hello? I’m here for a Pokemon!” (Looks around, no one is there. Walks outside. Stranger talks to child) “Hey, what’s the matter?” “No one was in the Pokemon Lab… i was hoping to get a Pokemon today. “Wait, I can get you a Pokemon and what you need under one condition…” “Yes! Anything!” “Take these, you’ll need them for your journey…” (Hands Pokedex and Pokeball) “Now, what I want you to do, is go out intpo the world of Pokemon, train, make friends, and to become the Pokemon Master…. Can you do that?’ (Child nods.) “Alright, kid. I’ll be here if you neede anything, remember that.” (Man leaves in a hurry.) “That was strange… I wonder what;s in this Pokeball?” (Throws at ground. A bright sillouhette of a Pikachu appears, then end credits come in.) Just a possible outcome, to keep the Pokemon spirit going.

  24. WOW! I maybe only 12 years old but WOW is this amazing. Whoever wrote this is an utter genius and a royal arse for ruining my childhood for the past 7 years XD (i started pokemon when i was 5) I have had many other theories but mine dont come close to this. Well im still going to play pokemon anyways and this didnt ruin my life but i will be having odd dreams cause of this i know. You know ive always wonddered ehy Ash never got older or even got tempted to do it with May… I know I would have… But how many years has it been since the beginning of the “adventure”

  25. It definently was an interesting read,even though i didn’t read the whole thing, but it caught my attention. my girlfriend actually showed me this, and it seems very believable, but honestly, it is just a cartoon, just for entertainment. i don’t think the makers of pokemon actually had this giant idea for the show, but it was interesting. im not gonna say i agree or disagree, and it will leave me questioning for the rest of my life. nice job though, that kind of thinking should be noted in today’s society

  26. First off, great article. I tied things together in an incredible way, and kinda makes it hard not to believe.
    Second, all you people who are getting mad over this for whatever reason, shut up. It’s a THEORY. A CONSPIRACY THEORY. I don’t remember the author saying that this was the ultimate truth.. Is it real? Most likely not. Is it possible? Indeed it is. But really, you guys need to calm down. They came up with a VERY clever and well put together theory. Don’t be so butthurt over nothing.

  27. The people saying “LOLNOWAY” are missing the point: it’s a CONSPIRACY THEORY. There’s a 98 percent chance that this article is what popped out after its author engaged in a (drug-induced?) thought experiment.

    So don’t dismiss this well-written, well-thought-out essay with a simple “It’s just a cartoon rofl” and run off all impressed with yourself. We ALL get that it’s not to be taken seriously. The author himself probably didn’t intend it to be taken seriously. You are not special.

  28. Wow. I never thought Pokéception could be possible! :D. Awesome read, great conspiracy theory

  29. Amyable is right. Its sad that some of you cant enjoy or appreciate such a well written well thought out article. It is one of the best pieces of fan content I’ve come across. You people need to learn how to better convey and express your ideas and opinions. Cursing and debasing an idea doesnt make you sound intelligent.

  30. Interesting theory but here is the flaw.
    “Did one ever know the reason why the pacing and story development change after Ash was hit by lightning in the beginning episodes?”

    When you are a child everything is new, simple and the world is a playground. The pacing and story did not change much. Team Rocket is still trying to steal pikachu. The story needed to progress and so instead of having only 1 character it kept adding and taking away. Its part of life growing up. You make new friends and move on and make newer friends etc. Its what it teaches kids that no matter where you go you will always make new friends. Its also a cartoon where noone ages and as soon as they do then the cartoon must come to an end which is why most adults dont watch cartoons anymore. No kids would be interested in a 23yr old pokemon trainer. Its how you keep getting new generations interested in the show. New kids start watching the show so they have to introduce new characters for them. Misty left which was sad for us but the cartoon is now for our kids to enjoy. Even though I still enjoy it myself. Its a kids adventure in a different world just like “Smurfs, Gummi Bears, ThunderCats, Voltron, Simpson etc… They never aged even there show was on for years especially simpsons. Point being is its a cartoon. Enjoy it for what it is an realize that as beautiful as the world in pokemon is its just that. A different world. If you believe this “Ash Theory” Then you are doing what the writer wanted you to do is question you childhood feelings of a great cartoon.

  31. Everyone this man has put critical reading and thinking and applying psychodynamic theory to its best! This theory is very well thought out, yes it’s a kids television show but you can always read into much more stuff when you apply concepts such as what this writer did. I’m just really mind blown by how he ties in the story and the difference in the beggining of the show and makes a very convincing theory out of it. But this is just a theory, so for all you children reading this it’s not real. Actually i can’t say it’s not real or real, no one other then the creator himself. But i’ll put my money on what this man has befolded upon us. BAM HEADSHOT!!!!! We were all MindFucked.

  32. Varun, you are soo, fucking, AWESOME!!!

    I’m an artist by nature, and psychology is something relatively foreign to me – like, whoa – how do you fuckers do it? Brilliant man, really. I hope you get accepted into a top notch university and then use that brain to make this world a better place.

    All the best,

  33. Even though it was well thought out and the person who wrote this has no life Queers

  34. This is stupid. It’s POKEMON! Not a complicated mind game that only a master psycholigist can figure out. You went into details that aren’t true. In case you haven’t noticed, this is a fictional show for kids, not a show that shows the destruction of a child’s normal life. And none of this could have happened. If you got hit by lightning, you would probably die and not have a coma and then go nuts! Whatever you were ‘sharing’ wasn’t true. You didn’t need to give people a disturbing image of what YOU think Pokemon is. I stopped reading this half-way because it’s too stupid to continue reading.

  35. I am pretty sure that everyone who reads this article will know that it is not real; for one, it says “Pokemon Conspiracy Theory”. So for those who are bashing the author of this article for that reason it is just silly. Also we all know this is a children’s show, but let’s give the author some credit. It is a theory, just a theory. He applied psychology and applied it to the show. Of course it is not real, but the author did a good job trying to convince us that this theory was real and personally I thought it was some what convincing.

  36. To all of you that are saying that is “just a TV show” writers in books have subliminal messages, metaphors, and meanings in all sorts of stories, including children books. Now I understand this is a show not a book, but just because it is show made for children DOES NOT mean the writers of the story to the show can’t do the same thing as an author of a book. And, as previous users have stated, this is a THEORY, not a 100% proven thing, therefore you cannot bash the writer of this analytical “essay”.

    Now for my comments. I thought the thing completely ruined my views on Pokemon from when i was a kid, but once I read this I totally understood where you were coming from, and how this relates. I haven’t watched Pokemon in years, but because of this (again I use essay for lack of better words) I may find some episodes online to watch.

  37. i think this definatly touches on what really happened except i think proffesor oak molested gary as a child and when he started showing affection for ash gary started to hate as because of a rape love so to speak but lmfao anyways fuck all you people who dont like this paper it is not only an intelligent outlook on something we all love but fills in a lot of holes although completly fictional veryinforming thank you for writing this

  38. I remember reading this about a year ago and I’ve just read it once again and it’s still as brilliant as it was the first time.

    Obviously this isn’t real and the original author didn’t imply it was real in anyway. This is simply an incredibly written CONSPIRACY THEORY that really makes you think about how small things like an anime show can be expanded with such intelligence. The author, who I’ve heard has a master in Psychology, is truly amazing. People say it’s “sad” that someone can write this much about Pokemon but it’s in fact the opposite. If he can make Pokemon seem so intricate and dark, imagine how much knowledge he could bestow about other things in life.

    Once again, one of THE most interesting things I have ever read, and I don’t think I could ever watch Pokemon again without thinking about this article.

  39. Awesome piece of work man, my hat off to you. I agree with the previous post about the effectiveness of authors to include subliminal messages in their works, and it is definately possible that this theory is in fact true. Just look at all the subliminals from the Disney movies, those are all supposed to be geared towards children, correct?

    Not saying it’s true, but there is always the possiblity. Maybe the author knew it would never be interpreted in this context, at least from a childs standpoint. An adult however can make the connections and has the ability AND the willingness to comprehend and unravel such a complex storyline.

    Keep writing though dude, you definately have mad talent.

  40. This…Wow. There were parts that could have used some further explanation; I was a little lost at the parts with “real animals” and Ash’s “past” could have used better transition. The oly parts I really had problems with were the ends, where Ash one way or another came out of the coma. They were a bit too speculative for this, where everything else made good sense (except for MewTwo, which seemed a bit far fetched but also valid). It may be because I don’t watch Pokemon more or less, but James never crossed me as gay; this could be because the last time I watched Pokemon was with a childish frame of mind and it didn’t occur to me that James COULD be gay. From my collective experiences with him, James would more be Ash’s suppressed feminity; the side that his father never approved of. He’s pretty, he holds a rose, and he enjoyed cross dressing. You can kind of see my perspective?
    This was so enlightening, eye opening, and sad. You just enhanced my life.

  41. Looks like someone smoked some good herb. I’ve totally been there, but this dissection is really thorough, excellent work.

  42. hahaha yeah Jacob said what i was thinking too, how high were you when you wrote this? its awesome!

  43. look this is real simple i can explain it all in one sentence
    all of the events mentioned have a simple answer
    it is a anime show and on all anime shows the characters never age it is because if they aged it would make the show to realistic and it is for kids so he will be a kid the whole show…
    you people over analyze things to a point that makes it ridiculous…

  44. I find it completely logical, Gary J. It is NOT ridiculous.
    The author obviously put a lot of time and effort analyzing Pokemon.
    As for YOUR “simple answer”, so what? Other than his aging, please explain everything else.

    OT: This brings Pokemon into a new light. It’s, of course, only a theory… but well written and thought out. Bravo. Bravo.

  45. This officially blew my mind, im never ever gonna see my life the same way again. Bravo indeed Bravo

  46. C.T tell me what to explain to your simple mind and i will be gald to do so in a manner you can understand

  47. for gods sake man its a childrens anime show from japan its not real life and its not perfect any one who would spend so much time analyzing a childrens cartoon show needs a life

  48. @Gary J
    Ash has “grown up” in the way that he looks older and his voice is “deeper” you said u could explain it all in one sentence but thats all u explained falsely i might add

  49. Gary J you’re a dick! Your just jellies, because you can’t write an awesome theory in such a psychological point. Ooo,and by the way I herd that the conspiracy theory was an assignment from his teacher, and was assign within the class. There are other theory that some have written about an posted on line, But for though of you that like the theory’s this is one you mite like Ed Edd&Eddy theory just look it up, their are some that you can find if on the same site of the Pokemon theory links or just people bloging about them.

  50. This could be a post-mortem freudian analysis of Satoshi Tajiri (Pokemon creator/author). Too bad he’s not there anymore to tell if that would fit his life background( RIP ). Since Satoshi based his works on some older japanese legends it would make sense that pokémon would effectively be different representations of our subconscient minds. In almost (if not all) ancient mythologies, legendary animals or creatures with godlike powers where representations of the human mind figthing or dealing with a certain aspect of personality.

    5/5 stars to the anonymous author of that wonderfull post. Would like to work on a french translation for my friends. Is their author rigths for an anonymous post like that (since its close to a psychology masterpiece) or I just have to include the original text has reference in my translation.

  51. Olivier BD : Is their author rigths for an anonymous post like that (since its close to a psychology masterpiece) or I just have to include the original text has reference in my translation.

    Thats a very good question but i really dunno. logic would say if the author is anonymous therzno author rights but law iznt alwayz that simple. 🙂

  52. This, just makes me think.
    Yes, i`m a pokemon fangirl.
    I`ve heard of this and decided to look it up.
    This makes logic sense, and I now refuse to touch pokemon soulsilver, thanks to it.
    If this is the real storyline, (God, please, no) I hope there`s going to be a good ending for the anime. Sad, really, that every pokemon fan bursts out into tears,
    So happy that people cry tears of joy.

  53. this is amazing. I never thought of that this way and I will never be the same. Even if this isn’t real, this is amazing analysis of a game that until now, I thought was simple. This literally blew my world. Props to the writer!

  54. Interesting, but there are many things Ash didn’t know about the Pokémon universe, like the identities of the Gym Leaders. We see in other media that the identities of these people in the show match the identities in, for instance, the games, which wouldn’t make sense if they were the product of a comatose mind. Unless every game is played from the point of view of another comatose character having the exact same people in their hallucinations.

  55. Ash isnt on black and white and this could be part right and wrong there could of been someone in a coma but theres a chance he also could of watched the show before hand and could of dreamt the ending to the story things like this happen

  56. left to right whats wrong with you ash is on Pokemon black and white its on TV im watching it right now Mr now it all..

  57. HAHAHAHA!!!! what a load of bollocks!! its a fucking cartoon where anything can be made up and anytime…. why are you taking it soo seriously!!! please mate before you post something so exaggerated and monumentally ridiculous….. please…. re-assess your life first!!……retard!!

  58. this makes my mind all jumbly. i have heard and seen many other conspiracies….this might be true. but the games are more off with secrets than the show itself

  59. I hope 4Kids Entertainment (or whoever is in charge of this show now) finds this post and actually closes the show like this… Holy freaking shit that would be amazing.

  60. If anyone is familiar with the Doraemon storyline, it ends in a similar “dream sequence”. The analysis is a bit stretched in places but does sound coherent throughout.

    BTW Satoshi Tajiri (creator of the franchise) is not dead. Just another internet hoax.

  61. This actually makes a lot of sense…well…it’s so well written…it would to those with even average intelligence.

    Anyway…amazing. That would be a GODLY ending for pokemon.

  62. This is one of the most amazing things I have ever read. I have noticed a few of those things before, like how the catching of some Pokemon is so far-fetched it’s just stupid and how people seem to never know who he is despite what he has done. When I was younger and watched the show more often, I never thought to much of anything of James. Now, my mind just tells me he’s gay. I never thought Ash to be gay though, until you stated that. That would explain why his voice next to never changes and stays semi-high pitched, what with all the gay sterotyping. Wonderfully written article.

  63. Something in the back of my mind tells me that the creators didn’t say “Hey, let’s take the main character of a popular video game, have him get in a horrible tragic accident and end up in a coma, then make a children’s show about it so it’ll make sense!”

    And, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think a ten-year-old actually has “sexual frustrations” and is searching for a “love interest,” at the age of ten you might be curious about sex, but not all over the place about it, as would be more expected of someone a little older. And since when do ten-year-olds turn gay to a point where their parents take them seriously, and do most boys even hit puberty that young?

    Maybe I’m missing something? I don’t think so.

    Total bullocks.

  64. This is really interesting. Of course as mentioned before, I personally never saw James as a homosexual, but seeing it from a small child’s perception, I would have just seen him as a nice guy that was a little more sensitive. It makes a bit more sense now, but still could just be a symbol of his more feminine side what with the rose and such, which his real father may have frowned upon making living in a japanese household very difficult for a young boy. Also, the only real pokemon you see before Ash gets hurt are an onyx on tv, the three starter pokemon, pikachu, and the spearow that attacked him. These to me, seem that the first episodes are also from Ash being in a coma, and the slight transition into his fantasy world. For example, the pokemon looked all fairly like normal animals or things he might have seen when he was young. Charmander being the firey sala’mander’, squirtle being the obvious turtle (turtles being assosiated with water, thus the type and word ‘squirt’ like squirt guns we often play with when we’re little), and pikachu may have resembled a pet rat that he or a friend may have had in his real life experience. Bulbasaur is most likely him mixing the bulb with something he can make into a friend (take note that Ash’s mother is often found gardening, something he may have picked up and carried on from the real world), but the start of his fantasy. Onyx is also the name of a type of rock, which Ash may have only heard about in real life, thus incorrperating it in to his fantasy world how he may have imagined it previously. Spearow could be Ash having thought about sparrows and simply putting them in his world as something he might normally see in daily life.

    This article has changed my perception of Pokemon and made me actually think about it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and comfort the part of me that is my childish sense of wonder and all that is good, and tell it that this is what reality is really like. That poor kid in me will be crying for days. Horray.

  65. I honestly don’t believe that the creators of the Pokemon anime would create a children’s television show about a boy in a coma reflecting his subconscious life through the form of characters, enduring sexual frustrations to do with his homosexuality. People… this boy is TEN YEARS OLD.

    I appreciate that the author of this piece has analysed the anime and has put a lot of effort in to this theory, but a ten year old with homosexual frustrations seems a little far-fetched to me.

    A bit too psychological for a children’s television show. Because to be honest, creating a conspiracy theory about Ash Ketchum’s subconscious feelings is a little too much for me to understand.

    I’m sorry, but this just doesn’t make sense to me.
    Maybe you all understand children’s subconscious sexual feelings, but I can’t get in to this. Sorry author!

    To put it simply, Japanese broadcasting don’t make shows about this. They make shows about cute little creatures battling each other and forming relationships with people. That is all. 🙂

  66. although this is complete conjecture, it’s rather interesting. Psychological, maybe, but once again it is essentially a case study of Ash. The problem with theories like this is they lack any sort of empirical evidence. Psychology uses a form of deductive logic to formulate its theories or ideas, and without the support of extensive research, they are discredited. This does potentially offer an incredible insight into Ash’s psyche, or perhaps like it has been suggested, it’s just a children’s television show. I applaud the author’s creativity and effort. It offers a unique perspective to this show. Perhaps some of the more negative people should not so quickly reject this theory. When utilizing the word theory, it doesn’t in fact necessitate truth, rather it indicates a possible explanation for a collection of information (the television program). Once again, extremely thoughtful and interesting. It is a good read.

  67. I just don’t understand why anybody would actually spend the time to analyze a Japanese children’s TV show in the first place they must have a lot of free time…

  68. Honestly, why are people getting so worked up over a piece of fictional writing (as indicated by the author him/herself beacuse hello? conspiracy theory?)?
    I myself think this is a work of genius and to those of you think that this is a waste of time, what do you do in your spare time? I’m willing to bet that over half of you will sit in front of your computer screens for the most part of a day, doing nothing but refreshing your Facebook page.

  69. I love you so much. This is incredible, i’ve showed a few of my friends.
    And to the haters of pokemon, i’m 16 and still learning stuff about it, the fact that you can go so indepth into the games and the episodes simply shows that this is not just a kids show. When i was 10 i didn’t know about pokemon base stats or EV points.


    <3 EEVEE

  70. First of all: wow, my mind = blown!
    I really really enjoyed reading this, took some aspects I never took into consideration.
    For everyone that think homosexual frustration at the age of 10 is too early, I’d recommend you to read a psychology book. We’re encountered with homosexuality at early ages (we even have an anal phase whilest babies 😀 )
    Great article, if I could rate it, i’d give it a 6 out of 5!

  71. i’ve been a pokemon fan for my whole life and i’ve never given thought to any of this, but it definitely does make sense!
    i’m sure that the creators didnt think of such a sophisticated plot and disguise it as a children’s show, but everything just falls into place perfectly that they might as well have.
    LIFE. CHANGING. i can never watch/play pokemon the same way again!

    and also, the fact that he never traveled on a bike because of his fear of being struck by lightning again..it’s interesting that pikachu destroyed the bikes of every girl ash met who had a bike.

  72. @Cam Wallis
    lol, i’m 15 and still learning so much about it, too! it’s not just a kids show, anthropologists should have a read of this article

  73. The author of this definitely doesn’t know anything about psychology, and/or electroconvulsive therapy…
    why do I say this? because I am a psychologist, and I’m glad to tell everyone here that this is nothing more than someone’s desire to sound interestingly clever and sofisticated, but in the end showing he’s just an ignorant in what he’s trying to say.

  74. It’s never stated if giovanni is ash’s dad, thats mainly a rumour, and if it’s not true, then the entire theory is moot.

  75. @SCG

    You’re a very poor psychologist if you’re struggling to spell “sophisticated”.

  76. Wait I don’t understand something. If he is homosexual or coming to terms with it, why does he have potential love interests that are female and if Brock represents his sexuality why does he go after women?

  77. Very interesting… Your Psych analysis is very thorough… And it does align with what some would assume as “Problem Casting”. I personally quit watching it after the 2nd Gen, but I noticed that the first 151 could be associated with childhood creatures, nightmares, and fairy tales. And then slowly things just got out of control, whether from bad development or secretly the Dev Team is actually basing this off of a wild Psych Theory, “The World May Never Know”. But I think the part that does it for me is the fact that Pokemon were “so dangerous” until after “the incident”, and then after that nobody is ever truly hurt. WHY IN THE HELL, would a lightning bolt hurt you and make you afraid of riding a dang bike, when you have a Pokemon who unleashes tons of electricity…

    I personally am a believer in the Coma Theory 😉

  78. Brock represents sexuality, but also “normal” sexuality that Ash saw before going into a coma. He was too young to fully grasp his own sexuality, and thought boys were supposed to like girls. But since he didn’t, and didn’t know about sex, he always failed.

    Not only is Brock sexuality that is naive about sex, but also an attempt at his conscious forcing him to accept girls while his unconscious rejects that – by each girl rejecting Brock.

  79. @Justarandom

    Not a poor psychologist… english isn’t my native language =/, thats all, can’t help to make some mistakes every now and then.

  80. At first I was startled.

    Halfway through I nearly puked from the realization.

    Now I know something inside me died here, from reading this.

  81. I did die a little inside. This makes complete sense, but I don’t want to believe it. It’s making me nostalgic about the first season also.

  82. Well i seriously doubt they would’ve put a gay dude in the Pokémon tv series. Awesome article, makes complete sense, even though (like others) i did die a bit inside. I just think we’re overanalyzing this. x)

  83. Your psychoanalysis is absolutley spot-on, except for one thing that people have to realize. this is by no means entirely right. the show is a childrens show and if you think it was intentional that this all is evidence for it, you have to be over thinking it. all pokemon tells you is don’t give up and you can reach your goals. at least i think there isnt this much depth to it or it wouldnt be a childrens show

  84. To start, the simplest argument here is that of Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. In the animated series, it was explained why there is a Joy and Jenny in every town. They are simply sisters, why they have the same name is just an oddity. Ash was shown photos of the Joy sisters and the Jenny sisters showing all the Joys together and all the Jennys together.

    As for Ash’s sexuality, I don’t think this comes into play. Ash is approximately 10 when he begins his journey. Simply his age can explain most of his relationships with other characters. 10 years old is certainly young for a boy to be in a romantic relationship. Although there is tension between both Ash and Misty, they are just too young to express this. In one episode of towards the end of the Kanto series I believe, Misty is being pursued by another Pokemon trainer that has just come into the picture. Although Ash has clear feelings of jealousy during this time, he says nothing about, although his behavior clearly shows his displeasure with the circumstances. By this time, he could be approximately 13, still far too young to be able to express romantic feelings towards a girl, especially one you know so well and have spent so much time with. Ash’s lack of pursuit of Misty was simply immaturity, natural for his age.

    In later series, where new girls enter Ash’s life, he doesn’t pursue them as well. At this time Ash is approximately 15 or older depending how far along in the series. This is the age where a boy starts to pursue his interest in girls and begin his romantic pursuits. Ash however, does not do this. This is quite normal though given Ash’s situation. He was young and in love with a girl, but she left his life. Ash is still hung up over Misty, still hoping to be with her one day. Having fell for a girl so young and having a silent understanding with one another which was conveyed after Ash’s jealousy over the other boy who liked Misty, it is hard to move on. Ash simply has his heart set on Misty and does not have interest in anyone else because of that.

    Ash’s relationship with Brock can simply be explained as Brock is an older brother figure to Ash. Ash is an only child and having been raised by a single mother, Ash looks at Brock as a male role model. Brock is Approximately 16 when he meets Ash, so he is substantially older than Ash, more mature and willing to help younger people. Brock sees Ash as a boy in need for some help and guidance. Brock has taken care of his younger siblings for years but now that they were old enough to take care of each other, he sees Ash as more of a priority.

    Brock being approximately 16+ years old, he is naturally girl crazy, like most boys that age. Ash is simple too young to be like that yet. As for Brock’s leaving the series, it is like in real life, when you are 18+ you go off to college/university but return in 2-4 years. Brock returns once he has done what he needed to do and realizes that he is better off journeying with Ash, as while he was away from Ash, it wasn’t the best experience. This is like many of us, we go off to college/university or what ever else thinking were on the right path but realize soon after were not, so we switch directions. Brock returns to Ash more experienced but realizing what he thought was best, really wasn’t and that he still has a lot to figure out.

    As for Jesse and James, they are simple two people who fell in with the wrong crowd. They are morally good people, but they have made some wrong decisions in life and find themselves in with a bad group of people. Jesse and James never do anything terrible or evil. They simple pursue low level crimes, but their morals often hold them back from getting away with anything. Jesse and James are living a front. They don’t know how to get out of the lives they live so they go along with Team Rocket making it seem like they are all for the Team Rocket cause but never actually do anything evil. They in fact help Ash and his friends out a few times along the way. Jesse and James see Ash as a cute kid really, someone they like and admire, but can not show these feelings because of their life style they are stuck in.

    Gary is simple a rival, nothing more. All kids want to be “The Best”. At their age, their priorities are competing, just like any real life 10 year old would be like whither they’re playing soccer in a school yard or playing a video game, they want to win. Gary wants to beat Ash because they live in a small town, they’ve grown up together and that’s what kids want to do, beat their friends at things.

    Ash’s appearance does change over the series, his out changes from series to series. It wouldn’t be expected that someone who travels the countryside, sleeping outdoors much of the time would in fact have a huge wardrobe.

    In the Pokemon world, there are still some real life animals. Noticeably, some small rodents and birds exist but also fish. Fish can be seen in the Cerulean Gym and also often you will see cooked fish hanging in markets and such for sale as food. Pokemon just replace the majority of real life animals and are considered to be different from animals in the Pokemon world, Pokemon and animals being considered two different things.

    Pokemon are evolutionary being rather than being here from a creationist theory, therefore they take on attributes of the environment they live in. They evolve to adapt to the world around them. This can explain Pokemon such as Muk, who take on attributes of the toxic environment they live in. Pokemon are representations of the world rather than aspects of Ash’s mind.

    Ash’s pursuit of being a Pokemon Master is a symbolic one rather than having an actual title. There is no title “Pokemon Master” but rather being the best trainer there is. Ash does not try to catch all the Pokemon, he tries to make the Pokemon he does have as strong as they can be. Ash defeats all the Gym Leaders and defeats all the top tier trainers such as the Elite 4. This is what makes him a Pokemon Master, having the strongest Pokemon or being friends with the strongest Pokemon such as Mewtwo, Entei, etc and having defeated all worthy opponents. This is and endless pursuit as there are still Pokemon and Trainers for Ash to meet, his Pokemon to progress physically and mentally and for Ash’s bond with Pokemon to become that much stronger.

    Mewtwo is a simply a shot a society. In the Pokemon world, Pokemon are these beautiful, powerful, truly amazing creatures. But as humans, we simply can’t admire that and live peacefully along side them. Humans will always try to exploit things. Mew is simply the rarest, most powerful Pokemon, so as humans we don’t stand at awe when faced with something so amazing, we try to exploit it. Mewtwo is simply human exploitation. When humans created something more powerful than they could handle they didn’t know what to do with it really. It’s like nuclear power, we have created something powerful enough for us to destroy the world. Is this really necessary? Mewtwo is exactly like that, something so strong that is beyond the power any human should have control of and be responsible for.

    Richie and his Pikachu are like Ash in so many ways. Richie showed Ash that no matter how much you achieve, there is always someone out there like you, waiting to take you off your thrown. You can never truly “Be The Best”, because once you are the best, there is someone working twice as hard as you worked waiting to one up you. You have to never stop trying and never stop improving. It’s like anything in life, you need to keep trying to improve forever because you never can truly be perfect, after all you’re only human.

    This is simply my thoughts, ideas and views on the Pokemon world and is by no means fact.

  85. i have an answer to your why was nothing as powerful after the accident. it is powerful but not to ash since ash has felt the full extent of the power thus anything that doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. so he is almost immune. team rocket however always gets blasted to the sun when struck by pikachu’s attacks… its like getting hit in the arm, that hurts, then you get hit with a baseball bat, hurts even more, then you get punched again, doesnt hurt so bad. he built tolerance…

  86. You know one thing This was genious and if you think the brock part right, he left with the proffesor to study with her and stay with her, ash in a way knew that Brock was simply fulfilling his wish of being with a woman, in the end brock comes back to ash and doesnt want to say the reason, if you believe that Brock is the homosexuality of ash we can say that in a way his mind made Brock pursue what people from the outside world said was the right thing that boys must like girls, but as soon as Brock tried that, he seemed to have passed through a trauma of some sort, so in a way it just told us that Ash wasnt prepared for this part yet and his doubts of his homosexuality grew even more, Brock still trying to pursue girls and not getting any is a way of Ashs head to make a balance of what he was told to do [like girls] and what he actually wants [guys].

    sry if I mispelled something first language is Spanish xb

  87. And I forgot to add, this coma thing and releasing pokemon to start a new adventure in a way explains the BIG LOOP in the story as in why does pikachu always achive a level of power that no normal pokemon can achive [as seen on Generation 1] and when he moves to another area of the world he recicles bak to the power of the everyday pokemon.
    Little by little animals [real animals] fade away yet they still eat food thats made with meat, sintetic o real meat?
    How come a Great proffesor[Oak] that travels around the world and knows things like no other in the first generation States that they are over 150 pokemon in the world, yet every time they journey to other places they find new un heard pokemons thattheyve never seen yet the people in that place know about, how do 1st generation pokemon evolve all the way to todays generation and was un heard off until now.
    All this things makes us think that there maybe more to it than justa simple plot to the everyday pokemon story we hear.

  88. my childhood fantasies when i was a kid, my whole look on pokemon being the most amazing tin ever…. gone….

  89. This is probely the most retarded thing i have ever heard!!!The person that came up with is probaly a 45 year old virgin that lives in his mothers basement and was sexually harrased in his younger years.

  90. Hmmmmmmmmmmm… Interesting theory. My theroy?: Pokemon is a kid’s show were fantasy creatures called “Pokemon” are caught and fight each other in a quest to have the strongest pokemon and be able to beat everyone. Why all the Joys and Jennys are the same? The drawers got lazy. Why Brock hits on every woman he sees? To give kids a good laugh. Why people like you over think this kind of stuff? You have no life and feel like going around and crushing kids dreams.

  91. Hey Genius. If you were really a genius youd know any kids who watch the show wont truly be able to understand the article. He cant truly crush any dreams unless there are people still too old for pokemon and in that case, this psyche is good for them.

  92. oh and Gary J? SHUT UP this was an great analysis and im only 14. How old are you? SERIOUSLY. No 5 year old kid will stumble upon this article and understand 3% of this information! No kids dreams are being crushed. Just yours because it makes so much sense. Burn.

  93. Sorry for the triple post. I need to apologize to Genius. This probably did crush some childhood memories. But thats life. Everyone is intitled to their own perspective on how anything works. In this case it wasthe pokemon anime. Remember though: its only a theory. When I read this I shook my head, not by how true it IS but how true IT CAN BE. Pokemon is still a great show no matter what is said or explained about it. We need to look through everyones viewpoint before any of us deem something as trash.———–SY

  94. Have you ever played the game?!
    I mean, it totally makes sense if you analyse it, and this theory is actually good, specially good to crush your childhood memories (that’s for the ones who ‘died’ inside) or good for those who like creepy pastas and that stuff.
    But if you play the game you can notice that the story is just an adaptation of Pokemon Red/Blue/Green, and later the Yellow version was sold as an adaptation of the anime series, where you can have the Pikachu following you and that stuff. Anyway the anime continued,and the main character will be always Ash just because kids are already used to him. Also, they have to make an adaptation of the new games, with Ash as the main character, so the don’t have to include all the new stories and character of said games. Also, as kids grow up as well, it would be weird if Ash continued his journey without any change, that’s why they make people go in and out his life whenever they want. Most of the story is to add something new to the simple argument of the original story.

  95. This is really good. It did not crush my childhood dreams because I’m still in my childhood(I’m 11) and I don’t believe it’s true. I have a lot of reasons why this is not true but why post them, people will just argue at me. Even though I don’t think it’s true, this is still a very well written article.

  96. Ash K obviously did not read what i said. Ash K is not intellectually smart and cannot comprehend what this article said. Ash K is a dumb one. And for the next person willing to contribute, add some layers to this conversation. And pokeris99, express your opinions. Please.

  97. Stop bashing on the writer, he has a valid point and yes, i died a little inside, and a lot of this makes sense, but still, it’s just a theory.

  98. I play the pokemon games and watch the pokemon tv series. I am eleven. You convinced me, and at the same time, crushed my dreams.

  99. David its more than a theory. Ts an extremeply playsuble explanation fir the Pokémon anime series. Once you read the article, your view will dramatically change. This is psychology. And when handled with something this fragile—-wait WTF? people have dreams of pokemon?

  100. it makes sence, he tries to make it look like he loves a girl to hid his sexual life, dang it all makes sence, i beleive in this also <3

  101. okay let me kill this thread. This forum kills pokemon ‘dreams’ or it makes people like Gary J(see previous pages) into raging psychopaths. Done and Done.

  102. I’m pretty sure that all they wanted to do was make a cool TV show to make some money, but this is still pretty cool how you analyzed it and everything.

  103. how does this crush dreams? what? to be the greatest pokemon trainer ever?but Eric,Red it makes sense that you still have dreams to pursue a real life career because obviously you two still control your tempers like little kids. For the next people who are willing to bash on this articke, if u dont have a sufficients reason to, calm down, take a breath, before posting. Because if i see another hate comment…ill rip you to shreds.

  104. anyonw wonder why gary j. isnt here? or self proclaimed s-c-g? they are the people without open minds. They would be the ones shoutin “nigger!”at blacks in the 1900s. They would be the ones to believe Japanese Propagonda during the Japanese Internment. After reading all the hate comments, especially this duo, I came to the conclusion that the, for now, some people will never be able to empathize or atleast look in others perspective. They will only state how they dislike something and leave because they are not understood. But to get respect, you must first give. Same with empathy. You must understand before being understood. If you cant understand, you cant be understood. Understanding doesnt truly mean analyzing something and giving your opinion. Understanding means seeing you authors opinion others opinions and respectfully saying what seems fit.Im 12, sorry if i sound ignorant.

  105. im 12, this made since but! this is my theory, the show caught on and they liked all the money so they made more pokemon so kids didn’t get bored and bought the merch, the series got more childlike because littler children were watching, they’d get bad rep if it was more violent, and adult like.

  106. This article only goes as far as the Shinno Series. You’re going to have to add more to this once the Unova Series is done. If this Coma Theory is true, then I’d say it will happen one the Unova series is over. That’s just what I think though.

  107. I’ve been a fan of pokemon since I was 3 years old. I still love pokemon to this day, and I’m almost a junior in high school. I will addmit though I did take a little hiattus from pokemon when I was 10, but now I’m back and a huge fan. This is a very good article and I love the simbolism. Although reading this article was a little depressing, I think it’s a good article and it really made me think about shit, not just in pokemon, but in real life as well. If the comma theory isn’t true, that’s great. If it is, I’ll still be satisfied. But for now, there isn’t a sure way to know the truth, only time will tell.

  108. And another thing, to all you trolls that think it’s ok to be cruel to people for not agreeing with you…FUCK YOU!!!!

  109. Sorry for leaving 4 comments in a row, but I too have a theory for an alternate ending. Ash wakes up from his comma 7 years later to find his mom standing by his bed with Misty, Brock, Picachu, and Mr Mime, and his dad on the other side with Jesse, James and Meowth, who are rather buisness partners of his dad, rather than antagonists. Ash then pieces together all his problems and continues to live a happy life with his friends. Oh, and also, later that night, he picks up a hooker and gets laid.

  110. you little kids have pokemon dreams? i got an explanation. Us humans grasp on to what we think is right. As we grasp on to the ‘truth’, it clashes with our former beliefs. I believe its this inner battle that is ‘killing’ people spirits. seriously though. how, HOW are you going 2 have ‘pokemon dreams’?

  111. if pokemon was a rubix cube, this author has just shown us the most efficient way to solve it. by showin you this way, it crushes your hopes on how to solve the cube.

  112. Wow, well I really want them to end the show so I can see the finale now.
    Well, Harry Potter’s at an end, I’ve sold all of my Pokemon cards, action figures, and games. I gave my lego away. I no longer have intrest in Disney. Those four things got me through the first twelve years of my life. They’ve all been corrupted or stopped interesting me. I dedicated ten years of my life to Pokemon, for nothing. This article has helped me to move on from my childhood more. All I can say is thank-you writer of this. You have sincerely helped me to understand many questions I had of my childhood, and helped me to adultise this part of my childhood.

  113. Extremely thought-provoking and shows a brilliant perspective! Seriously, if only the series ended like one of the outcomes. That would be absolutely incredible. I like the reasoning for the pokemon becoming more idotic(in my opinion, 1st and 2nd generations were the best). Fits so well doesn’t it? You know whether this is one’s own theory, or a creepypasta of sorts…doesn’t matter really. It gives us another perspective and an interesting reasoning to the whole pokemon world-which I find to be very cool. We all know these sort of theories could never be truly applied to children-aimed shows, but it sure would be insane if there was even one occurrence (that wasn’t banned). Of course, there have been children shows with underlying/subliminal dark themes, outright mild horror and such, but that’s as far they’ll go nowadays.

  114. my…..my god im 20 but still my childhood im go cry now then eat a hot pocket than cry agin T-T but i do like and respect the theory’s they make soo much since its creepy

  115. Wow,this totally makes sense.Now I know why my dreams are the same.
    *goes to corner and sits to cry*
    *cries even more*
    This is sad.
    Very Saddening.
    I’m done.I shall make tribute.

  116. You are AWESOME..! This makes so much sense, even though I play POKeMON this is an epic theory 🙂 Props dude 🙂

  117. Some of you need to grow up. THIS makes you guys cry? THIS? I am amazed. Some of you are too old to be fangirls and boys. Take shippo for example. A 20 year old. Upset. Over pokemon. 20 years old. GET A LIFE DUDE! Pokémon is a KIDS SHOW. There aren’t even glimmers of plot elements 12+(excluding Brock, even then the repetition and dry humor could only appeal to kids via a different perspective). Some of you, plain and simple, need to GROW UP.

  118. come on your saying people cant cry over this DUDE IT COULD BE AN IMPORTANT PART OF THEIR CHILDHOOD. why don’t you grow up.
    personally i am not a fan of pokemon but come on everyone has childhood favorites.

  119. ihatecolliflower: you make a valid point. Pokémon probably was an “important” part of their childhood. Key words: was & childhood. They are grown up people: they are not children to be living childish fantasies, nor children to have the dreams crushed. Besides, and I can’t stress this enough: IT IS A DAMN THEORY. Are u guys going to start bawling everytime there is a reasonable theory that pops up on the internet explaining the mechanics of a show?

  120. everyone needs to shut up. it’s a theory. not a brainwashing article telling you to believe it. if you don’t like it gtfo.

  121. lollipop: if u were telling me to shut up then how about you? if not, thank u 4 understanding!

  122. Q: If anyone needs to grow up, it’s you. It is quite immature of you to get worked up over something so silly as other peoples’ reactions. Pokemon is a fond childhood memory for many, including me. I’m not too into it like I was when I was younger (preschool and through elementary school), but every now and then I stumble across something Pokemon related that brings back the memories. I’m sure whoever said they cried over this was probably exaggerating, but truth is, it’s pretty mindblowing after having been a fan for years XD. Obviously your childhood wasn’t as great as the rest of ours and you feel the need to never look back on any of it. If you’re so grown up, get off this post about Pokemon and get a job.

  123. While this is a good “theory” (if you can call it that), but there’s absolutely nothing to back up any of these assumptions.

  124. Redvines: Im only 14. And you do also make a valid point. I was wrong. Ironically, I was a fan of pokémon(I knew every single one). Not to be hypocritical, I have since outgrown the franchise(this article was not a push). All i was trying to say is that people older than me should be able to look back on pokemon as a memory and this article as a theory, not this article as fact ergo by default something currently in their lives.
    Also, don’t you dare comment on my childhood. It was great. And obviously I won’t leave when there’s someone like you that will talk trash when I’m gone. 2 more things. 1.You dont find it strange that your saying I get worked over things when those that are ‘crying’ are getting equally worked? and 2. NEVER CROSS ME. Like I said, I was a fan. Now I’m moving on from this show. Taking a wild guess here but, is it really common to find a person that enjoys watching Dora The Explorer and enjoys watching Jersey Shore? Point being, age-groups exist. I’m just travelling. I do admit, I might have been harsh, but I look up to and respect my elders, and I can’t do that right away if they dont have that first impression maturity. You crossed the line R. and you gotta know that. You like to stick-up for people and I respect that. Just dont cross me. k?

  125. I read this article three different times. And each time it had either less or more info this time it had MORE INFO. As the part after “I..want..to..be..the..very..best” I never knew it had info after that and after its says he dies it says he wakes up in the hospital with his parents there. Does this mean he died in his dream and woke up or is that a WHAT IF HE LIVED?

  126. Hey Q, you’re 14? Bet you have no friends because you’re a little snot nosed brat who thinks he is smarter than the ones around him. Go read the fucking dictionary for fun again. No one likes you. Leave 😀

  127. Either way it’s still a fucking cartoon lol. I think you’re looking a little too far into pokemon. Although I agree it makes sense, I don’t understand how you had the time to concoct this theory and even had time to worry about a cartoon and whether or not there was a real story explaining all the adventures and things that ash went through in a world that was already made up from a mind of some japanese writer. Even if by some sick twisted miracle he was in a coma, the world where he was in a coma was made-up as well… so it doesn’t matter. You have a little too much time on your hands haha.

  128. Key: He admitted that he took wrong, You dont know him, he might have lots of friends… I g33k all the time at school(174 IQ not to brag) But I have plenty of friends. You might probably not have so many though because you are trying to feel better by accusing someone to have few friends. That’s what unpopular people does.
    If you want to solve YOUR problem(not Q’s problem) go to a advisor.

    Nuff said


  129. Akm: thank you. Key: wow. bashin on a 14 year old. YOU obviously don’t have friends, your just a geek that has nothin better to do than insult me. Everone see that smiley face? He feels SATISFIED. He obviously did not read a single thing I said. Hey Key: did I ever say I was smarter than anyone? GET A LIFE. BTW, Im pretty popular, obviously I don’t act this smart around my friends.

  130. Redvines: your right, my reaction was silly(Key: read this). However, u insulted me. I didn’t strike you.

  131. Sorry for postin again guys. Key: one more thing. Akm is right. My friends: Rachel, Juliani, Jules, Aaron, Keenan, Jean-Luc, Harrison, Aldrin, Henry, Guillermo, Deon, Josh, Richard, Anthony, Emily, Juan, Brian, a second Harrison, Chanel, Chris, look, I can double that list. Thing is: your ignorant(you dont go to my school, you dont know ANYBODY) and prejudice(Your judging my complete personality as “a snot nosed brat”( yeah. A snot nosed black belt worthy brat that can kick your ass)) And wrong. And jealous: obviously I know more words so you gotta make fun of that. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. But I forgive you.

  132. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. this is soooo convincing.! it’d be awesome if the anime was actually just like this theory. the ending would be epic but sad.. 🙁 still. thats awesome dude. im a huuge mega fan of pokemon but this amazes me. now when i watch pokemon ill think of it a different way 😛 anywayss. thanks for posting was supahh awesomeeee. :DD

  133. Wow Q, good job on posting a list of names. It is just amazing proof of your ridiculously large amount of friends isn’t it?
    A tip for next time so as you don’t make yourself look like a complete tool: actually learn what the words you use mean. Assuming you are a “snot nosed brat” after you clearly behave like a snot nosed brat is not at all being prejudiced. It is being observant.

    You are so incredibly ignorant, assuming you know exactly how adults should behave. You have no idea what you are on about. If you have never gotten so attached to something that it won’t stay with you past the age that you believe is the intended target audience, then that is your own sad problem, but you have no right to tell people when they should give up something they love. Perhaps you should get a life, and then maybe you will come across your own Pokemon equivalent, and then you will understand everyone else here.

    Your Dora the Explorer comment was incredibly ridiculous and invalid. No one has ever grown up watching Dora the Explorer, and it has never had a chance to make an impression on anyone over the age of 10.

    Also, just so you know, you aren’t “smart”, you are possibly the most ignorant, annoying and just plain stupid person I have met on the internet (and trust me, that is saying something).

    I know you will probably just send an equally ignorant reply to this message, as you have been doing for the past week (how sad) to everyone who seems to oppose your narrow minded idea of an adult, but honestly, you will just be making yourself look like even more of a pathetic asshole. For your own sake, you should just leave.

  134. Chocochook: Bursting in to a discussion like that isn’t pretty nice either. And for your information: You can get a 200$ fine for calling a 14 year old boy an asshole over the internet…

    Q: You seem to be very much like me 😀 I’m 14 too


  135. Akm: whats ur aim? Choco: Im sorry for makin this post come alive. If I hadn’t though it would have become repetetive. Stop being blind! I apologized. And Im not acting like a brat. People continue to attack me, so I sound like a jerk. When I apologize, PEOPLE LIKE YOU ignore that and continue to insult me over what I said, not what i say. IM SORRY EVERONE I WAS FUCKING WRONG. I admit it. Stop hating.


  137. You honestly didnt need to attack me. Whats more pathetic then a 20something calling me an asshole? Honestly though, I was creating a character:) I’m glad he could come alive. I’m also glad he got good responses for my project: How people deal with ignorance.

  138. Don’t get ke wrong it’s a cool story and everything but if all the other pokemon are fake then that means my favorite gen (gold/silver/crystal/) is fake… :[

  139. so is that why Ash stopped getting hurt so much? EXPLAIN HIS INVINICIBILITY. Oh and explain the 9/11 thing (sorry!) with tentacruel. pokemon started in ’99 so…. *waits*

  140. im 14: im pretty sure Tentecruel knocking down the towers was too similiar to 9/11. Also, there is an episode ‘Tower of Terror’ that i think was banned because it was a coincidence with the Twin Towers.

  141. Akm: I really don’t give a damn about being nice. And I’m really not afraid of the police tracking me down over the internet for a $200 fine. It just wont happen.

    Q: In what way is this not repetitive? People shoot down your comments and you get shitty about it. It’s just as repetitive as it would have been if you left it alone, only now it’s a whole lot less pleasant. Well done.

    I saw your half-assed apology. An apology means nothing if you then continue to spout the exact same crap afterwards. You are being a brat, that is EXACTLY what you are doing.

    Dude stop sooking, it really isn’t helping you one bit. I saw your crap about not leaving because of what people will say about you when you are gone. I figured that you would do the sensible thing anyway and leave.

    Yes I judged your personality on some posts. The posts that YOU wrote. I’m sorry if this is too difficult for you to understand, but your personality is revealed by the way that you act and the things that you say. And honestly, from what you have displayed here, your personality is awful :/.

    Yeah you said that you weren’t smart. But then you came out with “obviously I don’t act this smart around my friends” right after you said it. You contradict yourself so much, it really is ridiculous.

    No, I didn’t need to, just as you didn’t need to attack everyone who still likes Pokemon. But hey, you did. And this is what happens when you act like a dick. People retaliate.

    Assuming my age? Sorry, but you got it wrong. I still have a while to go until I’m 20.

    Haha don’t try and bullshit your way out of it now, it’s way too late for that. No one is going to buy your shit. Honestly, just leave. Save yourself from further embarrassment. And yes, I know you have your bullshit excuse for staying. I am telling you to leave anyway.

  142. Wow. You still want to fight me. Im just gonna ignore you. Anyways, how many of you still like pokemon after reading this? Just wanna know. Plus, if you want to fight, I can fight.

  143. I wasn’t being serious anyways. But of course what are you going to say? ” Yeah just tryin to bullshit your way out”. Just leave me alone. NO one besides you is harassing me. I ignore you, you ignore me. OKAY?

  144. Oh, and my personality is revealed by the things i say? Your right. And I am contradicting myself. I’m looking stupid. Your right on that. But i was trying to MOVE ONE. that is why I answered the tentacruel question and not you with some stupid post. But then you attacked me again. See? You wanna fight.

  145. And i didn’t mean act this smart. I meant like a ignoramus. I’m wrong. I’m wrong. I’m wrong. Please don’t try to force me off. I am wrong. I want to move on. Please don’t be the only one attacking me. I want to stop filling these posts with crap. Don’t you want to too?

  146. chocochook: The police won’t come to you unless someone reports you.
    If you say one more swearword then I will

  147. This is a pretty cute conversation. A 14 year old on a power-trip simply because he’s on the internet,and a bunch of idiots threatening to call the cops? Lol call them. I dare you. Learn about the US Government, and that the police have no jurisdiction over internet-related crimes, or actions.

    Also, good theory.

  148. Q: You are going to ignore me and fight me at the same time? Oh well done there buddy, you made SO much sense. I’m going to take a guess and say most of the people here still like Pokemon, because why the hell would they read it otherwise? Some logic, please.

    Well that is exactly what you are doing. You are just trying to make your escape and try to prevent yourself from looking like the idiot we all know you to be. Give it up. It is extremely pointless.

    You were trying to move on and at the same time bringing up the same topics which caused the conflict. You are full of shit.

    Yes. You are wrong. Glad you got that. Now, for what reason are you still here is your purpose is to stop filling these posts with your crap? Again with your contradictory crap. Seriously, if you want to stop, then leave. Otherwise stop trying to act like you want what’s best. You aren’t fooling anyone.

    Akm: Go for it. Report me all you want. You can watch as they do nothing.

    Tad: Haha it is quite amusing isn’t it?

  149. you leave stupid ass. atleast ive contributed insteading of of fighting. all youve done is fight me. all you can do is point out little holes in my logic that no one but you cares about. seriously. you leave. i try to make peace. HE STILL WANTS TO FIGHT> LEAVE IF YOUR GOING TO DO NOTHING BUT ARGUE.

  150. Sorry, but you are the only cause of the conflict here. You haven’t contributed anything but unpleasantness to this page. You are the one who started all this, and your departure will end it. I’m not pointing out holes in your logic, I’m pointing out your complete and utter lack of it. You are not even attempting to make peace. You have a sook, you spazz about and insult those who don’t share your view, and then you try and act as if you want to end the conflict. You are incredibly full of shit. And honestly, all you are doing is arguing. Stop being such a hypocrite. You are continuing to make yourself look like a dumbasss. Just stop.

  151. hey stupid ass. when he asked about tentacruel and 911 WHO ANSWERED HIM? STOP BEING BLIND

  152. i’m just arguing!? at least i have answered a question!? all you can do is tell me to leave! is that all your vocabulary consists of? telling me how to leave after pointing out EVERY SINGLE THING wrong with what i say?

  153. and my departure will end it? i tried to forget about you and answer the tentecruel question. WHAT DID YOU DO? TALK TRASH. My departure wont end it. when you decide to stop sending me messages telling me to leave, it’ll end. In fact starting now I’m ignoring you and contributing. YOU ARE NOT WORTH MY TIME.

  154. Guys, I’m wondering, they’re where two different endings the author presented to us. Which one do you think is more likely?

  155. Never have I ever read such stupidity.
    Gonna need aspirin for this one.
    Give me a break.
    You guys are all to blame.
    Up at the top of the comments Q is to blame, but you everyone attacked him.
    Never did anyone give Q a chance to end it though.
    Gonna type out what i think should happen to end all the unpleasantness.
    Let him finish this with a final apology, not only to the person who made the theory but its readers.
    You all have to stop being ass’ and accept his apology.
    Down with this ignorant oppression.
    Never bring it up again… if you can… losers.
    Gonna be monitoring this thread for anymore foolishness.
    Go on with with your posts of crying about childhood memories and such.
    Around this time stop typing this.

  156. Q: I have had nothing to say to you besides telling you to leave and informing you of how wrong you are. I don’t see why you would think you have been worth more than that.

    Your departure quite obviously would end it. If you leave, then there would be no more replies consisting of you having a sook about how people are judging you and won’t leave you alone. And if there are no more replies from you, then you wouldn’t need to be silenced. So it would indeed end with you leaving this post.

    And to answer your question, it depends on what you mean. Whether you mean what is more likely in a real world situation, where a 10 year old kid is acting out his fantasies in a dream world while he is in a coma after being struck by lightning, or whether you are assuming this theory is true for the Pokemon series and are wondering which ending the creator of the show would be more likely to run with. In a real world situation, I think both are pretty equally likely. In the situation of the Pokemon series, I think the show would almost certainly take the second path, as it wouldn’t be so traumatic for the little kiddies watching, and it also allows for possible continuations to the series.

  157. I honestly beilieve if pokemon evolves to become more mature, this author will become a developer for the sequel series

  158. Ims orry to anyone I have offended. And i forgive any who have offended me. I was being a stupid jerk, and i hope that all of you can find it in your hearts to forgive this arrogant fourteen year old boy. But I don’t wont to leave yet so Choco, please stop suggesting me to do so.

  159. well you are the right one now choco is the one thats out of line now. as for the thread i wish that pokemon writers would keep making it for the kiddies but also trail off to a real world version of pokemon

  160. Q + key + anyone else for that matter: You guys are retarded for arguing about a THEORY on the internet and becoming attached to what is said about your screen names. Other peoples opinions only have as much meaning as you give it. You Don’t know each other in real life so why waste time and emotions on meaningless crap on the internet, why not divert that into something constructive that can improve your quality of life lol.

    I found this theory to be pretty damn good and it makes complete sense. When Nintendo decides to finish off this franchise and move onto something else i personally think they should go in this direction. Would be something to be remembered. The idea is not totally original, i remember watching a tv show from my childhood about a boy who had a accident in a tree fort and went into a coma. In his coma world it was populated by children and i believe the adults where kept someplace separate from the kids who ran the show. He eventually woke up from the coma i believe.

  161. Pokemon won’t ever evolve to become more mature. Unfortunately, there is no incentive to do so, as there are way more young children that are into Pokemon than there are teenagers/adults. But yes, if they ever do decide to take that path, the author of this theory would be the ideal writer.

    I only suggested you leave as you were replying with the same things all the time, and we couldn’t move on from it. But if this is now behind us then I have no problem with you Q.

    That Guy: Well played sir… Well played… Although you did get the lyrics wrong, I like it still XD. I think that they should make a few side projects, perhaps some movies or a mini season, of a darker and more realistic Pokemon with a grown up Ash fighting some serious battles with serious consequences and sacrifices. I reckon something like that would do really well, and it would make me infinitely happy =)

  162. I believe that some one should take the series and make a short newgrounds or sighs* youtube video on a final ending or beginning depending on which ending listed above is more favored.

  163. Yeah that would be good too. I wonder which one would make the better video? I think I would prefer the second one purely for the opportunity to see the darker Pokemon world, but I think the first ending would hit people who had been following the show since its beginning much more emotionally if it was done well. What do you think?

  164. Hmm. So I just went back and read over all of the comments on this article, because I am just that bored, and one argument came up over and over with no real opposition: “It’s just a kids’ show! They wouldn’t have included themes like homosexuality and serious injury/death in a kids’ show!” This argument annoyed me, and I would have left it alone if anyone had made a decent counter argument, but I found none. So here I am bringing it up again XD. Japanese anime isn’t like Western cartoons. They aren’t afraid to deal with adult issues in animes with a younger target audience. A clear and perfect example of this is the anime Cardcaptor Sakura. If you haven’t seen it, then you really should watch it (the Japanese version though, the English version is edited and cut to the point that it almost isn’t the same show :/). It is obviously aimed at young children, but the themes the show deals with are very adult. One of the main themes is homosexuality, with half of the main characters being homosexual or having a homosexual experience of some description. The fact that animes like this exist proves that just because the show is aimed at younger children, it doesn’t in any way mean that serious issues can’t be included within it. And before anyone points this out, yes this does indeed contradict what I said earlier about how “Pokemon won’t ever evolve to become more mature.” I am now changing that statement to “Pokemon most likely won’t evolve to become more mature, but it is entirely possible that it could.”

    Sorry to bring up a topic that is currently entirely unrelated to any discussion currently being had, but I wanted to clear it up for anyone who decides to return or reads it in the future, BEFORE they post any further nonsense.

  165. This is quite the article.
    And I commend the authur of such a thought out piece.
    They seem to have come across an answer for everything in the series!
    I really did enjoy reading this.

    I am 16 and still a huge fan of Pokemon.
    And just to contradict certain earlier posts discussing people not growing up.
    I never liked Pokemon as a child.
    I remember feeling very miserable whenever it came on the TV.
    I started playing the video and card game when I was about 11.
    But I have actually only started watching the TV series now.
    I think this theory makes a lot of sense.
    Though, as I am mentally stable, I am able to remember that it is only a TV series, not reality. Therefore it does not have to make sense. And have such an indepth meaning to it.
    But, I do still like to keep an open mind. I like to think… Mostly pretend, that Pokemon are extreamly endangered, and they are waiting for the master to be born, to come out and live again.

    Anyway, to the publisher I guess… Who is the actual authur?
    Seriously, this is amazing!!

  166. There is a major problem with this theory. If memory serves me right the very first episode is where Ash falls of Misty’s bike and it is also the same episode that Pikachu shocks him. So we as an audience were not yet introduced to Team Rocket and we don’t know anything of Ash’s previous life except that he is anticipating going to Prof. Oak’s lab to get a Pokemon and become the very best.

  167. My only complaint is that the mind is not capable of creating new images; everything in a dream are images that we have witnessed in real life. Even the random people that appear in you dream that you don’t “know” are still people that you have seen in real life. So how is Ash capable of creating new Pokémon, May, Paul, Richie, etc.?

  168. orrr……it COULD be a show about a kid who catches and trains creatures to battle so that he can become a champion.

  169. The Mewtwo part got me good. This was great. Pokemon will never be the same. This article was well thought.

  170. Although I have incredible respect for the lengthy and mass amount of detail and depth that you’ve put into this theory. Because as a people watcher and searcher of deeper meanings myself, I completely understand and 100% see so clearly what you’re saying in all of the little points, metaphores etc.

    But I’m pretty sure in all honesty that the writers of the series were not thinking any of this at all. I’m almost 100% percent sure that they’re all just pretty lazy kids show writers who have to find ways of telling an incredibly lengthy story to kids. The show is marketed for kids, no regard for it’s adolecent plus audience whatsoever. The truth of the bucket is that it sells on mass to kids. We the adult watchers are the minority and can only hope and dream of a more serious pokemon. The plain simple old facts are that the reason for the millions of continuity errors, ludacris events, repeting stories and zany characters are because it’s a kids show, no kids want to watch a dull, lengthy, complex, wordy series with blood and death and grief and sex. Well probably a lot of kids would watch that but it wouldn’t be a kids show would it.

    The writers have to come up with new ways of starting off each season in relation to the games and the new audiences as the old ones grow up and move on. Hence Ash dropping all his old pokemon bar pikachu to start fresh by the time we hit season 6 because the first gen of pokemon watchers had pretty much all grown up. The reason he never ages is the same as every other cartoon, cartoons don’t age, a character isn’t written with the pre-concieved plans for their aging. They’re written to ever stay the same. The reason for the million Joys & Jennies are because all the nurses in the games are identical and it’s a funny gimmic, they needed a police figure, so why not do the same.

    Brock is a character added in to subject kids to clear thought, responsibility and to show Ash when he’s wrong. I could go on, all the characters serve a purpous but none of them I’m afraid are at all involved in the idea that ash is in a coma… I mean… the theory is very detailed and has blown minds but, it’s almost that old cliche that teachers say when you have to do creative writing “And don’t end it with.. ‘and then he wakes up’.” A coma? Really? lol. Sorry man.

    I think my biggest piece of evidence that says your wrong is an indication towards the severe slack, lack of love and lazyness of the writing team.

    Reverting to that long asked question of what was in the GS ball (So names because of the up and coming Gold & Silver games) the head honcho said, and this isn’t word for word mind but along the definitive lines of what he said “Oh well it was going to have Celebi in it but then Celebi was chosen as the star of the third movie, so we just left it with that guy in that place who makes pokeballs and just hoped viewers would forget about it.” Because the viewers were generally all kids and probably would forget about it. The only people who remembered were the older viewers and the people who started watching it later on in life online.

    The writers are stupidly and dissgracefully lazy, there’s so many errors in the scripts, image and story that it makes me want to rip my face off. And none of the movies relate to the series. I mean where’s the love? When america made the transformers movie and whipped up the final draft images of optimus prime in a meeting room some japanese dude who was just a techy leaped up in a rage screaming in japanese that the pictures were a complete insult to optimus and the japanese culture, saying he looked fat and stupid and said that he’d draw him… or something like that, and so we ended up witht he optimus we see on the big screen.
    Where that kind of love in the story writing of pokemon? BRING BACK THE GS BALL!!!!
    But it’s not going to happen.. and baring all that in mind your hoping there’s some amazing subplot and meaning behind the whole thing? NO! There just isn’t 🙁 there should be, there could be and we all wish there was but there just isn’t. It’s just a kids show that has to deliver a daily moral, promote the show, keep the viewers interested and follow the same story as the game so all the viewers can relate.

    I’m hoping that like transformers they will make a pokemon movie by at least the time I’m 30, it would sell so well, it was my childhood (I’m 19 btw) and so many others. If there is a film oh my days do I want to be involved. Perhaps you and I should team up to write the film person who posted this theory. I don’t want to brag but hell is my imagination constantly alive with ideas and I can definitely write and my love for pokemon is super strong. I’ve been watching the series through from episode one since like, I don’t really know, maybe march? I’m on season 6 now and I’m watching all the movies in order with episodes and specials and the chronicals and I’m slowly playing my way through all the latest game adaptions. I’m still only on leaf green and I’ve got a mate trawling through fire red… though he’s not got the love like me. My aim is to catch every first evolution form pokemon and train them all up to learn all their moves. Never used a potion, rare candy or protein and stuff. I’m litteraly going super hard, I can’t be bothered to breed every pokemon and start from level 5 with all of them, I kinda get attached to all the pokemon I catch anyway so I think it’s mean to just catch a pokemon and use it just to breed and train it’s baby and leave it to just sit my box. Funk that. but yeah, I trained my pokemon so that they could fight their way through the elite for and gary with no potions or aids at all. They just had to muscle their way through five dirty scraps with nothing but trainer and pokemon bond to get us through. It took a while but we did finally smash em’. But yeah I’m sure a lot of people have already done what I’m doing but I do lead a normal working life and busy social life and I’m still putting the hours in. I don’t know how long the task ahead of my is going to take but my goal by the end of it is to have White with every single pokemon on my pokedex and all my pokemon from every game on the computer in dex order. But like, not one of every single pokemon, just the top evolved form of everyone… but all of them will have been trained from catching/trading/breeding day by me and all of them will have learned all the moves they can through leveling up. And then after that god knows what I’m going to do… more time for Mortal Kombat, DJ’ing & the pub I suppose lol.

    But yeah man… I don’t really know where I’m going with this anymore but big ups to your theory it’s wicked and I’m sorry to have come in and shattered it with my doubtfull hand of realism.

    Love Josh

  171. This was awesome, but I feel the nerd, I mean need, to point out that nurse joy and officer Jenny weren’t from his hometown, so he didn’t meet them yet, and he was electrocuted after setting off on his journey. So, the concept of children adventuring on their own was one that existed in the real world.

  172. MIND#&@%.

    I honestly think that this is a solid theory. And remember people, this is a Japanesse anime, not an english cartoon. Animes can be much more deep and subliminal.

    Also….think about this. Say that when Ash was VERY young, he met nurse Joy/Officer Jenny. It’s kind of like a reference to the inoccence of being young. When your young, doctors and the police all seem to be the same. If Ash got in a coma, they could be memories from when he was young.

    OR, NJ and OJ could just be there in his mind to create order and a so called “system” his brain thinks up to make the dream world more realistic.

    So yeah. I think that the theory is good. It would also explain the repetitive plot and why Ash has never beaten a league: his mind needs to keep the dream going.

  173. You’ve obviously put a fair load of thought into this, and as much as entertaining as it is to read. It couldn’t be true, only on one primus. The show was designed for children… And that greaves with a heavy heart, because i grew up with Pokemon. It didn’t grow up with me, it remained a children show. Leaving her true fan’s with only the old episodes of nasutalgia and the games for comfort. Pokemon is slowly slipping, and as the it’s original fan’s have grown up many have decided to re-watch episodes or play the games to the day. But with all these conspiracies… Unfortunetly, there is no cure for selling out. But i do have a slight solution for redepmtion, not that it will go noticed. An MMORPG, with all the regions. I’ve always wanted such a game, but my WANTS aren’t really nescesary.

  174. The whole, No one from any other region recognises him is bull, in season 4 which is 3 seasons after the top 16 in the league, They introduce him in the Grass tournament as a finalist in the top 16. Clearly people have heard of him, Also, A trainer looks for him In season 2 cause of everything they have heard.

    Jesse and James by Far do not get less and less dangerous as the series goes on, They Introduced the use of mechanical pokemon machines in season 3.

    The homosexuality in james and vanity in Jesse is not ash’s mind, it’s clearly explained in the stories. Jesse was Raised in a Rich family but was neglected, hence him leaving his mansion . So it leaves one to wonder that he is only trying to have the chlldhood he never had, collecting bottle caps etc etc.

    Jesse used to be the sweetest girl , with dreams of being a pokemon nurse, Even she went to nursing school with all the chansey, But she was told she couldn’t do it and that she wasn’t good enough as a little girl/young teenager so she is trying to be the best she can.

    The reason Joy and Jenny are always the same, Clearly familiarization, Imagine if they were different? They travel to that many pokemon centers it would become tideous. And the reasoning he mentions is flawed because they DO have a BAD COP jenny in season 10 or so

  175. Well. Team Rocket has never appeared yet thoug it’s just a possibility he seen them in his earlier life. I say this because of the theory about lt. sargge and how he was in the war. ever notice theres not much middle aged men? thats because ash never saw any. lt. sarge could have been his dad though and that part where he had a battle with him must have been from back then. Also Ash is NOT an only child. I repeat NOT! Remember red? yeah he’s the older brother of ash. he beat the league and all that shit. so remember in the game you had to beat him cause he was on top the mountain? well guess what that was his spirit and he didn’t want to go heaven till he had a battle with the main character. Once he was defeated he went to heaven and sent his pikachu back to pallet town so it could be with his brother ash to protect him. That is why in Ashes dream Pikachu is a BIG part because its part of his brother. Though he does not remember his brother very well because he set of when Ash was still a baby and is now dead. So well, this theory could be possible, but it’d contradict the Red theory because aloong Reds journey he told Ash and Misty and man other people to keep an eye on Ash when he starts his journey. Also on with the Lt. Sarge theory. I am pretty sure they had a war against Team Rocket. Obviously his Raichu was still a Pikachu and team rocket gratelly feared his pikachu because lt. sarge said “my pokemon protected me” meaning his pokemon must have beatened a lot of team rockets and since raichu is his favrite, pikachu proteected him and maybe this was in the news, which is why in his dreams team rocket is trying to take his pikachu away. Also I have a theory I made myself, you know how in Pokemon B/W everything seems restarted and everything seems different? Even how Ashes appearence is? I theorize that he woke up from his acoma. When he went to Unova, he didn’t know anything because everything he knew was from acoma. Which is why his Pikachu does not seem as strong as the other series because it’s still the same level as the first episode. Well that’s just my little theory. Yeah I think most people will disagree with it though lol kk well thanks for reading if you did xDD

  176. The first segment, prior to the speculation into the electric treatment, is a very solid theory. Considering how much concentration must’ve gone into this, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind better organizing it into an intelligible thesis. From a psychological standpoint, it makes plenty of sense, but from a writer’s standpoint, the organization of it makes none.

    The fact that the psychoanalysis is linked directly into your personal theory of explaining the first movie (which I still have my VHS copy of) really makes the theory seem less credible. Separate the grounded, sensible speculation from the pure imagination, and this would be something incredible.

  177. for one thing if he was put into a coma in the kanto rejoin how does he know pokeon in the other 6 rejoins tell me that

  178. Whether it’s true or not (i doubt it is) it’s still fun for ruining my friend’s minds =D
    THanks for sharing everyone and everyone’s opinions are actually really cool

    arguer of the internet

  179. Ok well this is a petty good theory, But I have my own theory on why Ash is still young. Think of how many days pokémon has taken place in? What if time just passes slower there? I mean each episode was what, 30 minutes? I think it’s that they’re not using real time and only counting up the hours used in the cartoon at how old Ash is. And besides, Pokémon is supposed to be imaginary, why would they base a cartoon off somebody’s coma? This is just my theory so please no haters.

  180. you’ve got a talent of piecing it all together for this theory… seriously…
    The idea of Ash stuck in a coma and all the psychologically pokefake world he’s created is interesting.
    But then, pokemon-anime has to look-out for its general audience, the children. Any hopes for more mature themes in this anime is a lost cause (it breaks my heart just knowing that).
    so, yeah… i think your theory is unlikely for this how-many-decades-old kids’ show,,, but if it were at all for real, this just might make the teens and the adult fans flip.

  181. the part about turning off the life support brought tears to my eyes.
    I’ve really been into pokemon since I was 7.
    And I really think of Ash as a close friend of mine.
    Still, wonderful post.

  182. Ok bro, it’s just a kids show, you know to entertain kids. Your just making it into some kind of fucked up novela. ITS CREATED FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT OF KIDS. It’s not some kind of messed up coma crap. You obviously have no life and have to come up with something like this. I understand you yourself didn’t write this, but it’s a kids show. If anyone believes this you are all forgetting it’s a kids show not a novela. Honestly, if you don’t like what I’m putting, then to bad it’s the truth. It’s for kids entertainment there’s no damn coma anywhere. Ever think why everyone is why they way they are in the show? Because kids and teenagers think it’s funny. Then why are the pokemon getting more like random shapes you might ask? Because kids think it’s cool and it’s reaching down to the younger ones, who enjoy the show. And as for the new team, their introducing to kids the new poke on so they will buy the games, toys, Ect. I myself have 2 younger brothers and they love this. I am also taking business and management in college, it’s all a simple way to make money.

  183. Very clever, i’ll give you that. But really, I am having a lot of trouble believing this even as a possibility. If the show had come first, then I would find it easier to accept. The show is loosely based on the original games which came out before this, and I highly doubt that when they decided to make the games in to a hit TV show, they decided to change it in to such a cryptic and dark show.

    Also, Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy were met only after he was struck by lightning, so that but can be taken out of the picture, as I don’t think they were in Pallet Town (They weren’t in the game and he didn’t say anything like; “Hey Nurse Joy, what are you doing here?” until he saw them the second time in the show.

    I think all the things about him changing his appearance, going to new places and friends leaving are all a bit much to, even at the start when you say his life changed dramatically from that point on. That’s just all basic script writing. It has to start off somewhere, they need new characters or else everyone will get bored, and they can’t just keep the original 151 Pokemon, for a show that the company is extremley determined to keep running because of all it’s profit and merchandise it can keep shipping out. Ash reinvented himself? What character from a long running (usually anime) TV show doesn’t do this?

    Very clever and a lot of thought put in to it, I’ll give you that much. But some of it is stretching a bit, and some is just plain ridiculous.

  184. Jessie and James now where black. How do you explain Jessie and James’s serious demeanor in the new season? Or Cilan?

  185. this is a pretty smart article I’ll give you that but there are two problems with it

    Giovanni:Ash did not meet Giovanni tell mewtwo returns so how could Giovanni represent ash’s father if he never met Giovanni

    Team Rocket: Throughout the series we see team rocket scheming about how to get pikachu, If this all is part of Ash’s dream than there is no reason why Ash should not know about team rocket schemes if Pokemon is nothing but a dream than Ash should get screen time for the whole series

  186. While this is a very smart and well thought out theory it is wrong in one crucial and fundemental aspect.

    The world of pokemon. The regions of Kanto Johto etc, are the regions and fictional world where pokemon live. These regions were first represented in Pokemon Red/Blue. In RB, the Kanto region was fully realized with 8 Gym leaders and their Pokemon.

    How, pray tell me, does Ash so successfully and with perfect accuracy subconsciously dream up the Gym leaders? I dont think I need to say much more. Its essentially impossible that the young novice from Pallet Town had prior knowledge of every single Gym and Elite 4 member. Even if he did, did he have knowledge of Johto’s, Hoenn’s? No. Yet he still subconsciously ventures into the 100% accurate realms in his comba???

    Nice theory. But i hate to say that the psychological analysis of Ash’s journey is a mighty case of reading into everything, a waste of time and bullshit. Anyone who disagrees with me is just very very wrong.
    Pokemon is still saved. It all did happen.

  187. i feel like anyone could write any bs theory on anything ever conceived. youre sounding like my ap lit teacher, analyzing everything to death. its a show, watch it and shut up

  188. According to the argument of “Listen”, who said that if Regions, Gym Leaders and Pokemon were introduced before anime, it’s impossible for Ash to come up with all same areas, characters and Pokemon in his coma.

    Anime and games are different things. The first one is base on the second, but it’s basing only features including: Regions, laws, ruling in Pokemon world, important individualities and animals, called Pokemon. More important is what’s making them different, it’s plot and main characters.

    So assuming that Ash is in coma, we can state that all features are exactly the same both in the show, and in the game, but plot of anime tells that it’s dreamed up, period.

    First episodes lack some aspects for this theory to be fully compliant. However, it’s totally out of this world. Some part of me believe in this writing and I think it’s upper piece of art. I judge it even higher when I consider author’s knowledge and skill of interpretation. Yeah.. looks like gentleman, who wrote this article, had some great time out there.

    Cheers from Poland.

  189. To be honest I don’t believe this because most of these so called facts have been broken in the unova like the nurses and the officers or how about cilan so yah

  190. About the love interest thing, how do you explain Macy, Anabel, and Angie? They all show an interest in Ash.

  191. I’m 24, and still a fan, great read, never thought of pokemon that way, the show would be really interesting if it really happend, but lets remember that the reason pokemon is still expanding is because their is still a solid fan base, nintendo is just milking the idea until its dry and the public is sick and tired of the franchise, but as i said a breath of fresh air for the pokemon story line!

  192. Man u are gr8. Nobody cud interpret pokemon lyk u. And the way the dots connect ie ash’s similar personality with his pokemon etc. Its just gr8. Hats off 2 u. Gr8 post

  193. You know it’s a kid show for ages 6-12 right?

    I don’t think kids care how he looks, they just want to see little animals beat up other animals with their weird powers.

  194. …wow
    thank you man. thank you for this.
    (starts to sob gently)
    my brother and i thank you deeply kind sir

  195. In the beginning there is one flaw that makes this entire thing void. That’s when you said that he dreamt up a world in which young kids could go on a journey at such a young age and have little crime but he was already on his journey before he was shocked. And also near the end, it stopped being you interpreting it but making up your own alternate ending. Good job but next time make sure everything you say especially when trying to convince someone of something is accurate. PS :its Japanese, laws of physics don’t exist

  196. Actually Ash has used a bike after his accident… Remember that episode with the Bridge in season 1?

  197. Psychology can connect anything to everything. But that doesn’t mean that it is… This has been an interesting article to read and thank you Author for sharing this idea. Now do the same with Harry Potter…

  198. Oh dear author that was the amazing thing I have ever read in a long while, probably the best. That was an amazing idea. Everything was so perfectly connected. You sir, have my respect. Took me a shat load of my time just to read it though but totally worth it. Yet I’m not entirely sure i can go back to playing pokemon, with the idea that most of the pokemon were thought up by Ash, and enjoy it properly. :S I really like the idea but it’s kinda depressing yet very interesting. Sooo… YAH

  199. You people on your high horses saying that this isn’t true need to shut your computers off. It’s not true; NO SHIT, SHERLOCK. Some guy got bored and came up with one of the most awesome explanations of a TV show. Stop thinking you’re geniuses because you realized this is fake. If anything, your need to fervently vocalize it’s lack of truth proves your ignorance and labels you imbeciles.

  200. this cant work for 2 reasons 1 you cant feel pain in a dream like when pikachu shocks him 2 you battle him in g/s/c/hg/ss ive never seen a guy in a coma pokemon battle

  201. i doubt giovanni is ash’s father first of all, and second, i highly doubt ash fell into a coma. if he did, pokemon would have probably been banned for lack of kidsmanship in a kids show, or, the show would have been put to an end already.

  202. Real or not it’s entertaining reading stories like this
    everybody argues that this is all too deep for a kids show but i don’t think pokemon was intended for such a young audience. Last minute changes had to be made to the pokemon world as some of its content were a bit too grim for the age the networks were aiming for, such as; original writers said that cubone is actually a baby kangaskhan using its dead mothers bones as weapons and armors but changes obviously had to be made cus of the grim nature of this, more of this can be read at (http://jiggmin.com/threads/58477-Pokemon-Conspiracy-Theories part 4), another slightly darker side of the original pokemon are the ghost pokemon, such as genger is a dead clefairy, this is extremely obviously when looked into basicially same weight height appearnce etc but never really made clear in the cartoon purely cus pokemon had to let go of all this darker side to be appropriate for kids. If the orginal writers got rid of these ideas then i guess its also possible they abandoned deeper meaning to the story line.
    Its all good fun and extremely interesting thanks for the post.

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