South Park vs. Family guy

It’s the age old-battle of the most popular teenage-adult cartoons. We’ll leave The Simpsons out of this one, because their fans don’t really care about these two other shows.

We shall refer to south park as SP and family guy as FG.

Well, I’ve split this fight into different categories:

1. Humor

Now, we all know humor is subjective. But there are also different styles of humor.

Both these shows rely on crude humor a lot.

South park is a bit cruder than family guy (because of the parental rating) but SP’s satire is also much more hard-hitting and biting than FG.

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Top 5 TV characters of all time

5. Homer Simpson (The Simspsons): Family guy ripped him off because they couldn’t get enough of him. 15 years and still running, this middle-aged slob takes us back to the old days. D’oh!

4. Eric Cartman (South Park): Whether it’s the jew jokes or the mean pranks, Eric has kept us entertained for more than 10 years and has immortalized himself in animated television.

3. Dwight Schrute (The office): Whether it’s his oversized bobblehead or his safety paranoia, this guy is funny as hell. Rainn Wilson portrays this unnerving, suckup perfectly.

2. Michael Scott(The Office) : Steve Carell’s award-winning portrayal of a wannabe cool boss never fails to deliver laughs. Steve Carell does an awesome job with the character and shows us why he’s one of the best comedians in the business.

1. Joey TRIBIANI (friends!): 3 words. How you doin’? Played my Matt LeBlanc, this woman-loving slow minded nice guy never finishes last.


The best Pizza ever.

It was 9:30 PM. Dominos pizza.

I had ordered a chicken extravaganza pizza with lots of cheese in it. The anticipation was killing me. I was hungry, and my stomach reminded me. After 20 minutes of waiting, it finally arrived.

I didn’t think it was going to be anything extraordinary. It was just another pizza, ofcourse. The only thing different was that I was adding chicken to my normal veg extravaganza, along with cheese. And then I cut a slice. As I removed the pizza from it’s resting position, I saw the strands of cheese just battling to stay with the other slices. I cut the strands, and I put it in my mouth.

Never had I ever had such a feeling in my life while experiencing food. As I took each bite, the juicy tomatoes were spurting their watery bases on my tongue, while the extra warm mozarella cheese was just melting in my mouth, reminding me of all the happy memories in my life. The mushroom felt like they were begging me to chew their soft thick coats. And the chicken. Oh the chicken. Juicy bits of brown which indulged my tongue with a variety of sweet and spice. All this was happening while the cheese was surreptitiously resting on my mouth, reminding me of heaven.

As I ate the pizza more and more, I cherished it’s being. I had to take 10 seconds and just admire what the chef, as if sent by god, had just made.

It was magical. It was fantastical. It was the best pizza I have ever had in my life.