No movie is perfect (part 1)

Hi everyone. Here’s a forum post I wrote long back about how no movie is perfect. All usernames I refer to were part of that site. Enjoy this HUGE RANT. I will post part 2 tomorrow.
Any movie you give,i can tell you ONE or more things that were wrong with it. I can prove to you NO movie is perfect. And if you tell a movie that i purely cannot criticize at all,you win.

If i haven’t seen it, i will make it a point to see it and message you about it.

Oh and you may say they are based on opinion,but i will let all of that aside and look at it in a critical way. If there is a movie i just can’t argue about,you win.

@TopMage : Spiderman had bad dialogue and writing. The costume for green goblin didn’t look too good in my opinion and the whole explanation of his uncle dying was completely messed up as sandman got involved with it in the third one.All in all,no means perfect.

@DuyWarlord: American pie. First off,you got to be kidding but I’ll explain. It had basically no plot at all. Lots of unecessary scenes and screen fillers. Gross dialogue and rubbish acting.Yes,none of those teens acting even were convincing to pay attentino to. With completely unlikable characters and childish and completely unenjoyable jokes,you have to be kidding if you say this is perfect.

@Sinbandit: Harry potter’s cast is appaling. Daniel radcliffe can’t act for nuts and many elements which were important from the book are missing. The new Dumbledore does no means to act like an old guy. The only good effort at these movies was the 3rd one which again,wasn’t perfect.Oh,and tell them to get a different background score because the same “Epic trumpet” sound is getting old. Direction is very good but making a book-movie should have included all story elements which this didn’t.

Update: 6:50 BT. I will come back from tennis and post for the other movies. Keep going. Ill be back in an hour.

@Alacrywn: Titanic,a very good movie but nonetheless has its weak points. The camera work doesn’t deliver in order to give the tension and the background score throughout the movie isn’t good. The acting is great but there are many loopholes in the plot. I don’t want to name them cause i don’t want to get banned =D Pm me if you want to know the loopholes. Next,there are many cheesy lines throughout the movie. This is a classic,but still.

@Etrieys: Here are actually some good points to critique it. Halfway through,the plot just died down. It was amazing at first but as it went on,there were so many scene fillers. Jim carrey and Jennifer aniston’s chemistry just doesn’t work and Morgan freeman’s acting was the only thing saving the movie but as usual,he didn’t get too many scenes. Cinematography is no way perfect and the plot just drifts in and out near the end. Jim Carrey’s repititive acting takes its toll on the plot midway through. The jokes are very good though.An awesome movie,but nope.

@Foxymoron: I’m so sorry but i was planning on seeing “No country for old men” in one or two days. Will update this then.

@Friaga: Kung fu hustle. I personally enjoyed this movie a lot but the attempt of getting cartoonish features into fighting scenes failed at some points. The special effects were good in most of the movie but in some parts,they looked too childish. And the point of putting this cartoonish features into an R-rated movie isn’t exactly a recipe for success. The acting by the rest of the cast was great,but Stephen Chow didn’t do justice to his part. The fight scenes were incredible even though childish but the plot,THERE IS NO SOLID PLOT. Look it up wherever and tell me this has a solid plot. He wants to join the axe gang but the “Defending the turf” point of the movie failed superbly.

@Rush hour: The first one was great. But a mistake the director did was adding the same elements in the rest of the movies over and over again. The third movie’s plot was CRAP. Seriously,you go watch the movie again and tell me if you disagree. The introduction of the weird taxi driver made no sense and using the SAME elements of the two characters really got irritating. Basically,the acting for the villains and Chris Tucker’s acting wasn’t up to par. The movie was just a reason for some fun action,nothing more.

@NinjaSen: Will see american history X soon. Eager to see Edward norton

@strifenl: I’m sure they are very good but i haven’t seen them yet. Will see.And i told you no animated movies so no ratatouille. I can’t actually judge pixel acting and such

@lumbie: Have the dvd but haven’t bothered to see lol. Tell you tommorow.

@Tr4n515t0r: The matrix is an excellent movie. But the plot is difficult to understand for many. Sure I understand,but I’ve seen a LOT of my friends asking me doubts about it. Oh,and the acting by Keanu reeves wasn’t excellent compared to trinity and morpheus. The camera work during the fight between Neo and Smith was not that good and was overly hyped throughout the movie. It isn’t too clear how Neo actually enters the world other than the weird rabbit and there are a few loopholes in the plot as well. The background score isn’t excellent enough and some lines are cheesy and ruin some really good moments. Great cinematography though.Sure this is an awesome movie,but not perfect by any chance.

@Nubbz: Ah,godfather. Great movie but…some scenes just go on too long for no reason. Midway through,it gets hella boring as the plot drifts to Al Pacino going on a voyage,etc. The dialogue delivery by Marlon Brando might be good,but it’s hard to understand at points. Loopholes do kick in near the start. For example,Marlon’s death. Cmon,he’s a mafia boss,that death is completely stupid actually. The camera work delivers though. Background score is filled with italian opera and gets annoying at some important points. Great perfomance by Brando and Pacino but not…perfect.

@CelesticBash: POTC was fun. But again,not perfect. The acting by the female was very good but Jack Sparrow’s accent was not so easy to understand. The plot got a little over the top by the end and many characters were put in without any role at all. Cinematography and background score was great but SOUND EFFECTS wasn’t so good. Fight scenes were at times confusing. Great film.

@Jokke91: Reservoir dogs. This movie is good,but the plot is not solid enough. There isn’t a background score AT ALL if you look it and some graphic scenes make no sense at all like the ear torture one. The story revolved only in ONE warehouse which gets extremely repititive. Extremely low-budget and not a really solid plot,this movie is not perfect.


To be continued.

Megan Fox is talented

BONUS/Making of video: I made this video when I was bored, and wanted to test my tripod. I thought it would be a good idea to make a short video and I think this is one of my only videos where I stand and rant 🙂

Guys love Megan for her talent, right?

(Btw, this is a two-way satire on her popularity and the boys who made her popular. Also, I wasn’t playing myself, I was playing the role of an average teenager.)

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“Funny People” review

Well, so there comes another Judd apatow movie, as usual, about bromances. It’s about a comedian getting a terminal disease, and trying to cope with it. That’s basically all.

I would say this is more of a drama with comedy elements. It’s not like Apatow’s older movies, it’s definitely a more mature attempt.

That doesn’t necessarily make it better. It’s a 2 and a half hours movie and it feels very long. The scenes are dragged out and the stand up comedy bits shown in the movie are tasteless and unfunny.

The direction isn’t bad and Sandler is his usual self when it comes to acting. Seth Rogen does an especially good job as the up and coming comedian. I’m not usually a fan of his stoner performances, but he showed some range in the movie.

On a closing note, it’s not a bad movie, if you look at it as a drama movie and not as a comedy. Don’t go in expecting a comedy, you will be disappointed.

Overall: 7/10


Funny One Liners

I have always wanted to try one liners/observational humor.
I shot this without any cuts, and I didn’t edit it, just like a real stand up comedy routine. I wanted to play music, but I don’t know how to play the guitar, so I added music.

Hope you like it,