The art of comedy and How I make videos.

Hello internet,

I’ve been a big fan of comedy my entire life. What’s life without humor, anyway? Well, I like telling jokes, hearing jokes, laughing, smiling and all the good stuff in between.

I started listening to stand up comedians about 3 years ago. I gradually started with the popular ones, namely Dane Cook, Carlos Mencia, Russell Peters.
I gradually got more and more interested in the art of telling jokes, mainly the “set-up” and the “punchline”.
I also discovered different styles such as “storytellers” and “one-liners”,etc.

As I started listening to more and more comedians, I started to go deeper and deeper into the world of standup comedy, and I slowly lost my interest in Dane Cook and Carlos Mencia. I found them unfunny, as I didn’t enjoy their styles and I felt their material was lacking in a few parts.

Then skip to April 2008, the month I started making short videos on YouTube. I’ve always been interested in the art of filmmaking and thought I could try my hand at it.
When I first started out, I didn’t think about lighting, setup, environment, etc. What I mainly focused on, was humor.
I never wrote my jokes down, they came to me in random bursts. I started to find many details of everyday life amusing, and decided to share them in my videos.
I always have a set of jokes in my memory whenever I start filming a video, and I make up the rest of the stuff as I go.
In the meantime, my taste in comedy developed further, as now, I myself had experience in telling jokes and getting reception from a small audience.
I started listening to George Carlin, Chris Rock, Demetri Martin, Mitch Hedberg and other all time greats. Each had their own swagger, and all were genius.
I also found comedians on YouTube like Bo burnham and Jon Lajoie hilarious.

Now back to filmmaking, I started getting more interested in the art of making films, alongside humor. Now I cared about cinematography, direction, flow, etc. I had always cared about those things when I watched movies, but had never implemented them seriously in my videos, because after all, they were just something I did for fun.

But now, I myself feel I’ve evolved in the way my tastes have, and I see the evolution from my early days to my present youtube account. I’ve experimented with comedy rants, skits, narration/voiceover videos and I still have a lot more I want to try out with filmmaking.

In one year, everything has changed 🙂

Thanks for reading


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The making of my HP video.

So recently HP (Hewlett-Packard) asked me to be part of a global event called “HP You on You” which is a contest that encourages people to show their creativity, without showing their face.

HP wanted approximately 20 people around the world to show what the contest was all about , and I feel honoured that HP picked me to represent India 🙂

Making 1 minute videos, and especially ones that don’t allow me to show anyone’s face,are out of my comfort zone but it was a good and fun challenge 😀

I took inspiration from a Bob dylan video, and Demetri martin. So I decided to make cards and simultaneously share my thoughts,jokes,etc. So then I spent a week on drawing, cutting, colouring the cards and was quite happy with the result. I used the one-liners that I had thought of a while ago as material for the video, as I thought those jokes would be a perfect fit for a video like this.

So yes, that’s my story. It feels great to be part of this, and I hope you will participate too.

Good luck


Top 10 casual games of all time


Casual games are games that anyone can pick up, play and enjoy, gamers and non-gamers alike. These games are meant to give you instant gratification. These are the best of the best.

I’ve always wanted to try a “top 10” video, so give me some feedback on how this one turned out.

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My new site!

I am delighted to announce that the site has been created!

Lots more to come, so keep up. Or I’ll squish you.


About Varun

Hi everyone!

I’m Varun, a 16 year old Indian who likes to make videos.

I started making videos in 2008 when the whole “5 facts” tag game was going on, and since then, I’ve been a regular YouTuber.

I make funny videos, mostly rants or skits. I edit, direct, produce and act in my own videos.

I am a huge film buff and listen to music passionately. I also love video games and have been a gamer all my life.

Favorite movies: Airplane!, Forrest gump, Fight club, Memento, The matrix.

Favorite artists: The Beatles, The Who, Red hot chili peppers, linkin park, Eminem, Panic at the disco, etc.

Favorite video games: Smackdown!, Super mario bros. (NES), Shadow of the colossus, Contra (NES)

Well, I hope to create a fun community on this website where everyone participates.

Thanks for visiting,